How to create a successful Video Monetization Strategy in 2023

An overview of Video Monetization strategy: The video monetization strategy is now entirely different from what it was before. Although getting your software monetized is a good revenue opportunity, it requires careful and skillful execution. It is when you have to come up with a monetization strategy that is centered on focusing on the customer. … Read more →

Top 5 Subscription Video On Demand Platforms To Monetize Your Content

Having a cable television connection feel antiquated in the modern world. It wasn’t always this way, however; there was a period when cable providers were the go-to for video subscription services. During-the-top (OTT) and video-on-demand (VOD) services have dominated the market for streaming video and music over the last decade. Video streaming services that use … Read more →

“EgoTweeting” Review: An eBook On Ego- And Business Marketing Using Twitter

This is a brand new eBook, just released. Written by my good friend over at – and because I’m lucky enough to know him, I was allowed to read and review it, before it was released, which is why I’m very excited to finally be able to tell you about it, now that it’s … Read more →