Top 5 Subscription Video On Demand Platforms To Monetize Your Content

Having a cable television connection feel antiquated in the modern world. It wasn’t always this way, however; there was a period when cable providers were the go-to for video subscription services. During-the-top (OTT) and video-on-demand (VOD) services have dominated the market for streaming video and music over the last decade. Video streaming services that use the internet to provide data directly to viewers are collectively known as “Over the Top” (OTT).

What Is a Video Subscription Platform?

To host your videos and charge subscribers on a regular basis, you’ll need a svod subscription platform. Do you know what a video subscription platform is? Just get into the platform recommendations we have for you.

Incorporating video, which is ubiquitous in modern society, these platforms go beyond the typical membership website.

Those reasons include videos’ universal applicability, accessibility, and the variety of forms available. To begin attracting an audience and monetizing your passion, it’s a good idea to construct your svod subscription video-on-demand service on a platform that gives you access to the video production and monetization market.

Advantages of SVOD Platform

We have laid out several benefits of the SVOD business model that are guaranteed to convince you that it is the right choice. Let’s have a look at them!

  • Predictable, recurring revenue – Having a steady stream of income is perhaps the greatest advantage of SVOD. Monthly or yearly subscriptions will be purchased by those interested in your material. Therefore, you will have a reliable source of income within that time frame. That money is secure, and you can use it into expanding and improving your content offering to readers.
  • Pricing control –   You are free to set the prices of your plans at any level you see fit, as long as they reflect the value offered by your SVOD platform service. Be careful to produce high-quality films that are worthy of the subscription price you ask.
  • Brand loyalty – With the right mix of interesting and useful information, your readers may quickly become devoted followers. You may expand your company and attract a larger audience willing to pay for access to your movies if you cater to this demographic.
  • Exclusivity – Subscribers will feel like they belong to an exclusive group when they consume content that isn’t freely accessible to the general public. Because of the scarcity of similar resources, your material will be highly sought.
  • An ideal platforms for large content portfolio – SVOD is an ideal platform for large content portfolios as such platforms devlier higher rate of retention, LTV, average time per user is also higher. Also, SVOD platforms increase trustworthiness among content providers to maximum users.  

Top Subscription VOD Solutions To monetize Your Video Content In 2023

 The rapid advancement of content monetization technologies provides cause for optimism. Read on to learn about some of the most reliable video monetization tools currently available.

 1. VPlayed

VPlayed is a svod video streaming cum video monetization platform that offers a suite of over 150 capabilities for strong streaming and is equipped with 100% flexibility, and 50% quicker installation & deployment. Its infrastructure is built to ensure that production is continuous and uninterrupted. It also has built-in facilities for real-time study of performance indicators, so it may be fine-tuned even further. The company provides its users with six different avenues for monetizing their material.

Features include-

  • Smooth video streaming is ensured by the HTML 5 video player.
  • A single, unified CMS for the efficient administration of all content.
  • Performance analytics tools are a core component of the design.
  • With an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, it allows for free relocation.
  • There are more than 6 potential income streams included.

 2. Brightcove

Video footage hosted on Brightcove Beacon may be monetised in a variety of ways. It works with 16 data centres across the world, each of which has been independently verified to be capable of supporting 875 million views per week with a reliability of 99.99% or higher. 

Features include:

  • Auto Captioning is an option that is made available to users.
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming is used.
  • There is no maximum file size; instead, you are paid depending on how long the final product is.

 3. Vimeo Over-The-Top

In over a thousand companies, Vimeo OTT has successfully implemented a video streaming services. It’s an indicator of a really professional show or movie. Also, a far more straightforward technological answer for video streaming companies has emerged. In order to keep to its promise of improved internal communication, the company has decided to invest in better video production techniques.

Features include- 

  • It can easily adapt to work with different programs because of its open architecture.
  • This evidences a near-real-time transfer that didn’t pause for the material to queue.
  • They charge their clients on a per-subscriber basis, making pricing straightforward.
  • It offers businesses tried and true methods of bringing in extra cash.

 4. Uscreen

If you’re a video maker or entrepreneur with an interest in starting a video streaming company, you may do it with the help of the Uscreen platform. Uscreen is designed for expansion, allowing you to build your own branded website and over-the-top (OTT) applications for mobile devices and TVs (with no coding).

Features include-

  • Online video storage and playback in high definition.
  • Video broadcasting in real-time and video recording for later viewing.
  • Many different ways to make money, include subscription video on demand (SVOD), transactional video on demand (TVOD), pay-per-view (PPV), and hybrid solutions such as tiered subscriptions that incorporate invoicing.
  • In-depth analytics for sales and marketing that you have complete control over.

5. Kaltura

With their capabilities and clientele, Kaltura meets several needs. By providing effective solutions, they may increase participation and ensure that a message is communicated effectively. We can better understand how they may benefit your company by exploring their capabilities.


  • Services for broadcasting events and TV shows from the cloud in real-time and on demand.
  • Functionalities designed to make LMS-based video lessons and online seminars more accessible and effective.
  • The ability to analyze successes and failures.
  • Protection for your video files to ensure that only authorized viewers, such as customers or employees, may see them.
  • You may modify and tailor your video player’s experience with the use of an available API and software development kit.


We’ve covered a lot of ground getting to the bottom of the definition of “video monetization,” including some of the best platforms out there and some of the features they provide that are uniquely their own. Now you’ll know enough to evaluate how well each of these platforms works for your organization on your own.