Google’s Nexus One: $174.15 To Manufacture. No Multitouch.

American company, iSuppli, took an inside look at the Nexus One phone from Google, manufactured by HTC. It turns out that the price for all parts accumulate to $174.15.

The most expensive part is the 1GHz Snapdragon CPU from Qualcomm which apparently accounts for around $31. The 3.7″ AMOLED screen from Samsung is estimated at around $24, also being one of the more expensive parts of the phone. The 3rd most expensive part is the memory, also from Samsung, which comes in at around $21.

For comparison, iSuppli estimated the manufacture price for iPhone 3GS  – when first launched – to be $179, a tad more expensive than Nexus One.

A very important thing to remember about those prices, they don’t include the billions of hours spent on research & development on either of the phones. Well, maybe not billions of hours, but many hours.

Multitouch be gone!

On a side note – Google now confirms that they’re shipping the same phone both to the US and UK, which means the European version will not have multitouch.

Motorola Droid didn’t support multitouch in the US either but the European version did. For some reason, Nexus One does not ship with multitouch overseas. Apple apparently patented the multitouch technology (or something like that), but several is said to believe that the patent is only valid in the US.

Why Nexus One arrives in Europe without multitouch, I don’t know.

9 thoughts on “Google’s Nexus One: $174.15 To Manufacture. No Multitouch.”

  1. I am really interested to see how much on an impact the Google Nexus will have on the iPhone.
    .-= Tom´s last blog ..Squeeze Page Tips For Better Conversion =-.

    • Not too much I think, considering a new iPhone is likely to arrive this Summer 🙂
      But we’ll see. It’s good with some competition at least.
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Google Giving Up on Censorship-China? =-.

  2. If nothing else we can all be glad that there actually is some competition to keep apple on their toes. I’m liking the android system though, even if it does have some annoying features. Not quite as slick as the iphone in general use though.

  3. No worry. XDA community will hack to make multi touch work for it. 🙂
    .-= Jayce´s last blog ..How to hack Facebook account profile =-.

    • Is that possible? If yes – cool. Still sucks that most people will never get to use it (since they don’t want to hack it – or even know it’s possible).
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Google Giving Up on Censorship-China? =-.

  4. I saw this Nexus demonstrated at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It was the most outstanding little gizmo I could imagine.

    I am rather new to the market. But I have seen the iphone and this one.

    I have to say, were I in need of this type of communication device, I would go right out and purchase this thing.

    It is so handy, and versatile. I can see why for many such a thing is addictive.
    .-= Beth Charette´s last blog ..New Article: Elf Culture: One with Nature =-.

    • I’m sure it’s a great device and I would love to try one out. I don’t think it will replace my iPhone though 🙂
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Google Giving Up on Censorship-China? =-.

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