Linux, Windows & Mac – As Seen By Fanboys

I found this great piece of image in my archives. Unfortunately I can’t remember from where I got it, so I can’t give proper credits. If you know who made it, please leave a comment.

I wanted to show it to you cause I think it’s pretty funny – and I’m sure, in most cases, even true. I mean, everybody knows that Linux is for old PC’s and Windows is BSOD all the time, right? RIGHT?

15 thoughts on “Linux, Windows & Mac – As Seen By Fanboys”

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  2. Haha! That is a classic. I loved the blue screen of death.
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  3. Klaus, You are spot on! That picture shows the truth, and nothing but the truth 🙂
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  5. lol…I don’t know if the new Windows is any better but I do feel that OS X is starting to feel a little stale after a decade of no major changes (ie change from OS 9 to X). I ran it for years and have been running Linux Mint for a long time now and its my favorite by far.

  6. gotta love the mac seen by windows fans, that’s fisher price for you!
    But they fixed the bsod in win vista and 7 .. or .. well actually they just made it automatically reboot and not show the bsod, but it still kinda counts.
    On a side note: Win 7 is (imo) by far one of their best os releases the last many years.

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  8. I like the one where Microsoft is screwing the user. Not sure how true it is, but it’s funny all the same.
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  9. That is funny, and true at the same time. I don’t know much about the Linux folks, but I know many Mac users view Windows users as idiots for putting up with so much pain, and many Windows folks view Mac folks as people who need things to be super simple.
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  10. Very clever – and decently accurate.
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  11. Really very funny picture Klaus. I specially like the image “Microsoft You”.
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