Ebuzzing Launched In UK – Bloggers, Start Monetizing!

This is a sponsored post, paid for by Ebuzzing. All views expressed in this post are mine and are not influenced by the fact that I have been paid to write this.

Ebuzzing is a portal for connecting bloggers with advertisers and vice versa in order for advertisers to brand themselves and for bloggers to monetize their blog.

Despite just being launched in the UK, Ebuzzing is not a new player on the market as they’ve been around since 2007, providing bloggers with a very attractive way of monetizing their blogs. Ebuzzing merged with Wikio late last year, a Digg/Technorati-like site, aggregating content from different sources and ranking blogs, thus Ebuzzing now appear as an even stronger player in bringing bloggers and advertisers together.

Advertisers can create brand awareness with Ebuzzing using methods such as sponsored posts through blogs and video campaigns with either a dedicated player (left screenshot) or combination of a player and banners (right screenshot).

Ebuzzing has a nice set of ethical rules when it comes to sponsored posts. First of all, they don’t require “do follow” links. This ensures your blog will not get in trouble with Google because of “paid links”. They do, however, require that you announce in the sponsored post that it is in fact a sponsored post, which is bad news for “dark side bloggers”, who doesn’t mind giving readers the impression it’s just an ordinary post, praising a product. Instead, when you announce it’s a sponsored post, the reader will be able to relate to that fact.

There’s a positive twist to Ebuzzing’s requirement of announcing it’s a sponsored post: They want you to really like what you’re writing about, as a blogger. You are not expected to praise a product you don’t like and likewise they don’t accept your sponsored post if they feel you’re not truly positive about what you write about.

Instead, write about what you like. If there’s an advertiser within Ebuzzing willing to pay you for it – even better, it’s pay day! You, being paid, shouldn’t affect the quality or conclusion of your post.

Now that Ebuzzing is available in my blog language (English), I’m looking very much forward to seeing what kind of relationship Ebuzzing and TechPatio will have in the near future.

If you own a blog and you want to look into monetisation, register on ebuzzing.com today and see what the buzz is all about!

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