GPS Tracking, Navigation & Geotagging [Sponsored Post]

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GPS stands for Global Positioning System.

Do you have a built-in GPS in your current cell phone? If you have a phone less than few years old and not in the cheap end of the scale, chances are that you have a built-in GPS unit. If you don’t, then you’ll probably get one in your next phone.

The reason is simple, GPS can be used for so many things nowadays. The days where a consumer GPS was meant only for finding your way from point A to point B in terms of navigating the streets in your car, are over. Now the GPS will assist you with much more than that. Obviously you can still use the GPS for navigation, even for free, like with Google Maps Navigation (only available in the US, for now).

Other uses for GPS is GPS tracking. Always know where your phone is – or whatever it is you want to track. Put a GPS unit on your motorcycle and it will SMS you it’s position if it moves after you parked it.

GPS in your phone can also be used to track your route, whether it be by car, walk or run. You’ll know exactly the distance you’ve traveled, export it to Google Earth/Maps or another application afterwards and the route will show up.

Geotagging is another upcoming feature of built-in GPS. Taking a picture with your camera phone with built-in GPS and your picture will most likely automatically become geotagged. That means, your current GPS location will be stored in the picture’s EXIF data. Or if you have a digital camera, without GPS, you can use an application for your phone to simply save your location every 5 seconds or so. When you get home, export that list to whatever application you use on your computer and it will compare timestamps on your pictures (shot with the digital camera) with your 5-second interval positions and geotag your pictures that way.

GPS is much more than getting from point A to point B. If you haven’t already checked out the applications you can get for your phone, that uses GPS, you should give it a go.

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