Study: Will You Pay For Online Content? “Maybe!”

Will consumers pay for online news and entertainment they now get for free?

An in-depth study by Nielsen, asked 27,000 consumers in 52 different countries, what they feel about paying for online content.

Not surprising, 85% of them would rather not pay for online content such as news articles. The study does show, however, that users might be more inclined to pay for certain content.

Content like movies, TV shows, music and games are among the content we don’t mind paying for, as we’re used to pay for it offline as well.

If the asked people are to pay for online content, they believe the quality has to be high. A stunning 71% of the participants in the study, said that the current quality of online content is too low for them to spend any money on it.

78% feels that if you have a subscription for an offline newspaper, magazine, TV channel or similar, then their online content should also be included in the price.

Another important aspect is that the content must be unique, as 79% of them doesn’t want to pay for content they can get for free elsewhere.

The whole Nielsen study is available as a PDF, here.

9 thoughts on “Study: Will You Pay For Online Content? “Maybe!””

  1. That is really interesting. while a lot of people wouldn’t pay for online content, there are still people ready to pay for content that we product. But I have to agree, the content has to be premium.
    .-= Tom | Build That List´s last blog ..The Aweber Code….And Why You Need To Promote It! =-.

  2. I’ll pay if it isn’t available legally for free. And to a certain extent we are all paying even for ‘free’ content now when you take into account the cost of devices, bandwidth, etc.

  3. Free is an illusion, somewhere somehow – someone ends up paying.
    It might not be you or me, but nothing is free. (hey that rimed!)
    Im definately one of the ‘suckers’ willing to pay for sites that I like, but then I would of course also expect all kinds of banners and ads removed.
    I don’t however agree with the 78% that think that if you subscribe to offline content, the online content should be included. I’d rather there be a reduction in price then – that I like a magazine or whatever offline doesnt mean I have any interrest what so ever in their online counterpart.

    Interresting study though 🙂

  4. No, I most certainly won’t be paying for content.

    I’ve been following the news about Rupert Murdoch wanting to block Google News and also put paywalls on pretty much all his sites (which is a lot). However I’m a firm believer that this strategy will backfire on him and fail because there are always hundreds of other sites with the same news, probably reported better too.

    Why not use niche sites like techpatio to get your unbiased news on different sectors you’re interested in. Techpatio for tech, Consumerist for consumer issues etc etc.

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  6. I would not pay for it, because world net has many free media content.
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