Photo Tip: Shoot twice as many pictures while retaining image quality

This is a tip from the latest D-Town TV episode (#50) by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski on how you can make room for even more pictures on your memory card – and eventually your hard drive – while still keeping the image quality top notch!

If you’re RAW shooter, this is not for you!

But if you shoot in JPEG, you’re probably shooting with as many megapixels as your camera can possibly crank out. So if you have an 18 megapixel digital camera, do you really need to be shooting in 18 megapixels? Most people don’t need to print photographs any larger than 8×10″ and 6 megapixels should be more than enough for that matter.

What you’re gonna do is to find your camera image settings menu and make sure to select an image size somewhere in the 6-8 megapixel range and keep the image quality setting high. You’ll be able to store almost twice as many pictures without letting down on the quality.

Below are two screenshots from Nikon DSLR and Canon DSLR from the image settings menu:

Nikon DSLR

Canon DSLR

If storage capacity is not an issue – or you’re already shooting RAW – then this tip was probably not for you 🙂

Watch the entire D-Town #50 episode by clicking on the link above and be sure to subscribe to their future episodes (and/or watch their past episodes) – it’s a great free show for DSLR shooters, even if you only own an entry-level Nikon D5000 like me…

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  3. For us, it depends on which camera we’re using as to whether we step down the quality. We’re Canon shooters, and for the 5D Mark II, we step it down from the 21 megapixel large to the medium. I’m sure a lot of people would disagree with us doing that, but we would rather save the space, and the difference is NOT noticeable.


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