Nikon D5000 – 15 Tips & Tricks [Video]

Nikon D5000

I’m still very much enjoying my Nikon D5000 which I purchased in November 2009 as being the first DSLR camera I ever owned. But it does have a few flaws (depending on the user and the user’s need), for me they are:

  • No auto-focus in live view video recording mode, meaning you have to manual focus while you record video.
  • No external microphone input. The built-in mono microphone is just not enough – and it’s not very good either.
  • No way to wirelessly control an off-camera flash since D5000 doesn’t have the necessary “Commander”-mode. You’ll either have to put on a SU-800 Wireless Speedlight unit, a SB-900 flash (or maybe the new SB-700, I’m not sure), if you want to control an off-camera flash. Cameras with a built-in commander mode will be able to use Nikon’s CLS with TTL features via the built-in popup flash.

All of the above might not mean anything to you – and to be honest, they didn’t mean much to me in the beginning either. But now it’s 10 months later and I have been feeling the urge to really try off-camera flash without having to adjust it manually all the time and I also don’t record as much video with D5000 as I’d like to, because it’s not easy to keep your subject in focus if it’s moving because you have to manually focus.

I took this picture last week in Mdina, The Silent City, with my D5000. I think it turned out to be interesting.

So, when Nikon announced a new D7000 last week, to be released late October 2010, I quickly became interested. The downside is, the camera body is around $1200 (and even more in Europe) and I’m not too excited to shell out that kind of dough just to replace my 10 month old Nikon D5000. But we’ll see… after all, who wouldn’t want to have a magnesium alloy body sealed against dust and moisture like the D7000 do? I would very much like that as well!

Anyway, here are some Nikon D5000 tips that any D5000 owner need to know:

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  6. It looks really cool. And the features of D5000 is a really good for those people who are really serious in the photography field. I think its worth the money.

  7. It really is cool. I also have one and I’ve been using it for quite some time now. It’s been a hobby and I love it. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  8. I just bought this camera and it is the real deal. Thanks for the tips and tricks. It is always so daunting when you get such a complicated device.


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