Old School Photo Challenge by Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby came up with this fantastic idea on how to increase your creativity by limiting yourself to “shooting old school” and helping out an orphanage in Kenya at the same time.

Nowadays, most people are used to shooting digital with their cameras – and some of us, never even tried to shoot film on a SLR camera.

Basically Scott Kelby’s Old School Photo Challenge comes with the following rules:

  1. No image review after each shot. Turn off your LCD!
  2. You can only shoot 24 (27) or 36 shots in total (a “roll of film”).
  3. You cannot look at your photos until after 24 hours later.
  4. You have to make at least one big-size print (16×20 or 11×14) of your best shot.
  5. Instead of spending money on actual film, since you’re shooting digital, use that money to donate to Springs of Hope, Kenya.

If this sounds interesting to you, it sure does to me, head on over to Scott Kelby’s site for all the details and to watch his video on the topic.

Personally, I haven’t fully decided yet on what I’ll be doing, but I already went ahead and “purchased a roll of film” (ie. I donated $10 to the cause).

I’m quite sure though, that I’ll be shooting with my Nikkor 35mm f1.8 prime lens on my Nikon D5000 DSLR camera. I’ll probably set ISO to 400 and otherwise shoot in full manual mode, including manual focus. I picked the 35mm lens because, crop factor taken into consideration, it’s very close to a 50mm lens on a 35mm film camera. I also intend on shooting in JPEG with Picture Control set to either “Standard” or “Monochrome”, I haven’t decided yet. I have extremely little black & white photography experience so I don’t know how well my shots will come out on print, if they are monochrome.

My plan, for now, is to have all 27 exposures printed at a local shop and then select one or two to have them blown up to a bigger size. They say it really does make a big different to your pictures, to see them on a large print.

What’s your thought on this Old School Photo Challenge – are you up for it? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to come back and leave a link to where we can see your pictures once you have completed the challenge.

Scott Kelby

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4 thoughts on “Old School Photo Challenge by Scott Kelby”

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  2. Wow, i think this was just a great idea !
    Very fun way to add some fuzzy logic to our numeric cameras 🙂
    Miss this one but i will follow the next ones (looks like he’s doing monthly challenge ?)


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