Must-Have iPhone Applications in the UK

In just a few short years the iPhone has completely changed the way that people look at mobile phones. Apple’s smartphone introduced the world to the idea of downloadable applications which meant that phones were no longer home to static content, but could be updated with new software and features from third party developers at any time. Since its introduction, the App Store has been packed with hundreds of thousands of individual apps to suit all tastes, from the useful to the zany and here are just ten of the very best.


This app is about recording yourself and then posting it online with complete geotagging and embedding capabilities. If you have your own blog or you want to share files with friends, this is the best app to get the job done.

The Guardian

Virtually every major newspaper has an iPhone app, but The Guardian`s creation is the best of the bunch, with easy to find articles, well arranged pages and some of the UK`s most popular columnists under one roof.


This app makes use of the iPhone`s GPS function to help you seek out the local amenities that you need the most and it is particularly useful if you are running out of petrol or in need of a cash point in a hurry.

Echofon for Twitter

If you cannot stop tweeting and you need to keep up with the Twittersphere, this is the app for you. As well as basic tweeting it can handle picture uploads direct from your iPhone.


This app makes contact synching a painless task, as you can save all of your numbers remotely to the Mobyko site and then restore them to your new iPhone once you get your hands on it.


Any user of the photo sharing site Flickr will definitely need to get their hands on this little app, as it is simple to use and also very capable without being overly clunky. As well as letting you browse photos and check out your mates` pictures, it also has the ability to upload pictures you snap with the iPhone`s camera.


Music streaming service Spotify has become a staple of desktop computing and the app version is just as capable. There is a huge library of music stored on Spotify`s servers and you can access every single track whenever you like and wherever you are, with just a small subscription fee to pay for unlimited listening pleasure.


London dwellers and inbound tourists will love this app, because not only does it help you find your way around the rabbit warren of the London Underground, but it also gives you up to date information on which lines are running smoothly and which are experiencing problems, helping you avoid the crush.

Google Earth

Seeing the globe rendered in full 3D and in a completely interactive form is very impressive and this app is a step up from Google Maps in terms of visual impact. It is also a comprehensive mapping app that works well with the iPhone`s touch screen.


This app is for audiophiles and music lovers alike, with its media player functions sitting alongside excellent music idiscovery capabilities that turn the iPhone into a compendium of audio information.

Along with applications, you may also be interested to look at mobile phone accessories.

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