3 Must-Have Type of Videos to Grow Your Business

  (Image from Alek Bujišić on Unsplash) Online videos have now become a staple content for the marketer that is determined to cut through the digital noise. With a solid video marketing strategy, marketers can grab audiences’ attention faster and convey their message much more effectively. That being said, many marketers are still on the … Read more →

7 Must-Have Apps for Moms

Being a mother is simple! You simply should be a cooking expert, an authoritative master, and an unlicensed medical attendant. Basic, isn’t that so? Luckily, mothers with cell phones can pack a ton of assistance into those modest gadgets with some applications created for our bustling lives. These apps do help! In case you’re not … Read more →

Must-Have Tech Accessories for the Frequent Traveler

Traveling can be one of the best experiences in the world, but it is also not without its annoyances. Finding a place to charge your smartphone, dealing with long waiting times at the airport, trying to check if your suitcase exceeds the weight limit – all these are common occurrences when traveling. Thankfully, technological advancements … Read more →

Must Have Free Apps For Working Parents

When we’re a bit younger, we often have nothing to do and all to do it. We very rarely realise how precious this time can be and it’s gone before we know it. As this infographic from HappyCleans outlines being a working parent is not easy. After a long day sitting at your desk, you … Read more →

Photo App “Must Haves” for the iPhone

Apple’s iPhone device is capable of performing a huge assortment of different tasks, but few are quite as popular as the imaging capabilities of the device. From sharing applications to those used to transform everyday shots into masterpieces, there are plenty of incredible apps to choose from on the App Store. Some of the following … Read more →

Must-Have iPhone Applications in the UK

In just a few short years the iPhone has completely changed the way that people look at mobile phones. Apple’s smartphone introduced the world to the idea of downloadable applications which meant that phones were no longer home to static content, but could be updated with new software and features from third party developers at … Read more →