Must Have Free Apps For Working Parents

When we’re a bit younger, we often have nothing to do and all to do it. We very rarely realise how precious this time can be and it’s gone before we know it. As this infographic from HappyCleans outlines being a working parent is not easy. After a long day sitting at your desk, you often have to come home and do the mountain of tasks that have been created throughout the day. There are some apps to help you and it’s important to realise that help is there; you just need to seek it out.

Time is at a premium as a working parent so what you need to do is discover ways to get some of that time back and a great way can be to use some apps to help with family life. For example, the health and safety of our family is so important but keeping track of everyone’s appointments can be difficult. Or perhaps someone in the family needs to take medications at regular intervals. That’s where apps like CareZone come in as it lets you save a wealth of information amongst family members all on one app.

Routine is also very important in any family. This involves giving the kids some tasks to do around the house. For example, Happy Kids Timer is a really cool app as it encourages them to do things like brush their teeth and make their bed with fun animations and music. Teaching kids to do things like this at a young age is so important in the first place but it also of course gives you a little more time to yourself every day! That might add up to an hour or two a week which you could instead use to relax or watch a movie.

Even when you’re off for work and prepping for the family holiday; it can be extremely stressful. There’s a mountain of information related to where you’re staying and how you’re getting there which can all get very confusing. The TripCase app is the solution to your problems as it provides you with a place to store all of that information!

All of these apps are available on android and iOS so why not check out a few of them to see if they are beneficial. The apps featured are free so there should be nothing holding you back. Check it out below!

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