Photo App “Must Haves” for the iPhone

Apple’s iPhone device is capable of performing a huge assortment of different tasks, but few are quite as popular as the imaging capabilities of the device. From sharing applications to those used to transform everyday shots into masterpieces, there are plenty of incredible apps to choose from on the App Store. Some of the following apps are the “must haves” all iPhone users should be certain to download on their phone!

Perhaps the most popular sharing app of all is Instagram, which allows users to take snapshots and apply filters at the click of a finger. Choose from many different filters and borders, which can be applied to existing shots or new photos taken through the application. These photos are in turn shared across the Instagram user’s feed, as well as other networks that have been connected to the application.

Hipstamatic is another popular app, though you will have to shell out a few dollars to enjoy all it has to offer. This app promises to transform photos into shots that are reminiscent of analog photography. The base application comes with plenty of different film and lens options, though additional packs can also be purchased directly through the application. Final products can easily be shared across selected networks.

Camera+ is one of the most popular paid apps in the entire App Store, having received accolades from many reviewers, include TIME magazine and Wired. The Camera+ app builds upon the existing features of the iPhone’s camera, giving the user tools that make it easier to take beautiful photographs. Take advantage of 6x digital zoom capabilities, image stabilization, and plenty of effects to spruce up the final product. For just a dollar, this great app is truly a steal!

HDR FX is another popular option for users looking to add a little spice to existing shots on their phone. Different presets make it easy to optimize the specific elements of each photograph, with the photo analyzer suggesting presets that may work best for particular shots. The HDR FX app also features textures that can add a whole new level of interest to any photo. The app also features a complex set of tools that allow users to edit details like the photo’s opacity and shadows.

Of course, Apple itself also offers a powerful photo editing and cataloguing tool for the iPhone: iPhoto. Mac users will recognize iPhone from the iLife suite of productivity software found on every desktop and notebook computer from Apple. The mobile version of the software includes many of the great features found on the desktop counterpart, which have been transformed to comprehend multi-touch gestures. The app allows users to easily create slideshows and photo journals that can be shared with friends, while also incorporating sharing options for social media. Photos can also easily be printed via Airprint.

The ability to carry around a high-quality camera in one’s pocket is arguably one of the best features of the iPhone. The myriad of incredible photo apps available for the device further positions it as one of the leading devices for individuals who are obsessed with taking great pics wherever life takes them. By downloading some of these apps to your iPhone, you’ll join the masses who are discovering that taking artistic shots isn’t reserved for those with expensive cameras anymore. Instead, everyday consumers can take and share amazing photos by taking advantage of some of the available resources on the App Store.

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  1. I must say that instagram has been a hype these days. I can see a lot of photos with the aid of instagram. What’s so special about this app by the way?


  2. I never try this yet but I am sure this great. Since I have used other image apps from iphone, I can say is wonderful! any way this was i better Information to use. Thanks for the post.

  3. These apps are genious, I have been able to take amazing shots of my garden and garden sheds without having to buy an expensive SLR for amazing results.

  4. I have used these Iphone camera apps for some of my design work which is brilliant as I don’t have the money for a high spec camera and would recommend them for any entrpreneur. HDR FX shadow feature is my favourite and allows me to create some inspiring scenes which has been perfect for my portfolio.

    Iphone Brilliance!!!

  5. iPhone have a good camera and lots of good applications for take and transform photos. I’d seen Camera+ on friend’s iPhone. Is a good application.

  6. iPhone is the best platform through which you can able to take very good photos. It is the good device for many other different types of work also. It is the best for business.

  7. These are really significant applications for those iPhone users who love to take photos and decorate it b their own ease. These are really usable and would like to give a try. BTW looking at the popularity of iPhone, i must have to say that it has become a necessity not only for the photos use but it can handle both personal and professional life as well. Thank you for these entertaining and interesting iPhone applications.

  8. I use instagram as my primary editing app, because I gonna post those photos on Instagram so I can choose which filters will match the instagram’s feed.


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