*MUST WATCH* Stunning time lapse video – TimeScapes: Rapture

Some time lapse videos are boring, most are decent – and then there’s a few that’s just plain freakin’ awesome, like this one. I love everything about this time lapse video, the soundtrack, the footage, the editing, the colors, the mood. It’s an amazing piece of work, this modern portrait of the American Southwest.

I don’t care if it takes you 30 minutes to download the 2 minutes of this video in HD – it deserves to be played in HD and with your speakers turned up to a decent volume 🙂


You can find more awesome TimeScape videos and subscribe to their newsletter on timescapes.org.

7 thoughts on “*MUST WATCH* Stunning time lapse video – TimeScapes: Rapture”

  1. Dude, this is insane! I’d love to be able to see the stars that clear – get to see quite a bit around my house but not nearly the scope of that – actually sent this to my coworker haha (don’t tell the boss).

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