Don’t bring your DSLR to Kuwait – it’s banned! Unless…

… you’re part of the press.

Because, in the mindset of the Kuwaiti government, only journalists should be able to carry a DSLR in public. Well, that’s just FUBAR‘ed, if you ask me!

The Next Web blogger, Ahmad F Al-Shagra, believes the ban is because most people of Kuwait don’t want their pictures taken by strangers, which would cause problems for photographers if they happen to take a shot with people in it.

Apparently, “standard” cameras are not banned, so you can still bring a, say, Sony HX5V, with a huge built-in telezoom to get those candid shots… but you’ll of course end up with a picture of lower quality because of the small image sensor in such cameras compared to DSLR’s.

China and North Korea, please welcome Kuwait on my “places I’m not gonna visit”-list.

7 thoughts on “Don’t bring your DSLR to Kuwait – it’s banned! Unless…”

    • Why do you think it’s strange? I think it’s a lot more strange that a whole country is banning DSLR cameras and it deserves a mention (warning)…

      • Strange cause it sounds so unreal… if you;re gonna ban cameras ban the whole lot not just DSLR.. do they train their cops to recognise DSLRs ? some non DSLRs are as big as DSLRs 🙂

  1. it is seriously strange that they have banned the camera because they don’t want strangers to take there pictures. Hard to digest, but in the recent time I have heard of things getting banned for weired reasons..!

  2. It could be strange, but just imagine that you are ordinary human being who is constantly shot just because your clothes or smth like that are different..


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