RSS Beacon for iPad – Yet another RSS reader [Review]

There’s a ton of RSS readers out there for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. RSS Beacon is somewhat just yet another RSS reader, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve.

First of all, it has the social element, such as sharing to Twitter, e-mail etc., like most readers do nowadays, but RSS Beacon also comes with the “Beacon” sharing mechanism which allows you to create personalized feeds and invite your friends to follow them.

RSS Beacon HD is their iPad version which was recently updated and now contains a bunch of new features (official “new features”-list):

  • Completely redesigned UI, providing an experience designed just for the iPad
  • Unique social features with support for up to 2 different Twitter® accounts, integration with Instapaper® and our unique “Beacon” sharing mechanism
  • Faster updating of RSS feeds through our dedicated, back end service, utilizing our compression algorithms for faster data transfer
  • Automatic feed syncing while you are using the application, so waiting time is minimal
  • Increased offline support for reading up to 7000 articles and sharing them (with our “Beacon” mechanism)
  • Viewing the full article copy including iPad compatible video, in our built in web browser
  • Rolling headlines mode if you are using a stand /cradle / case with your iPad in landscape mode, that gives you the latest news headlines from a selected feed

The UI is pretty sleek and pleasing to look at it. Rolling headlines is a sure winner for those of you using the iPad more extensively than just picking it up to do a few things every now and then.

RSS Beacon is $3.99 in the App Store.

Personally, my favorite RSS reader for iPad is still Pulse. I bought it a while back but it just changed to a free app as they want to get more users and instead offer ads inside the app. I do, still, prefer Pulse but if it turns out to be too heavily loaded with ads, then RSS Beacon is definitely the app I’ll be switching back to!

Try out RSS Beacon if you’re into the features it offers in order to differentiate itself from all the other RSS readers out there.

8 thoughts on “RSS Beacon for iPad – Yet another RSS reader [Review]”

  1. I have not tried it on a iPAD but it works perfectly on a iPhone, though reading and commenting on Blogs using a iPhone is a chore.

  2. This one looks decent, like you said, the UI is pretty sleek. By comparison, this RSS reader app is great, there are plenty of pretty bad rss readers on the market right now..

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