Facebook Cause $2 Billion Daily Work Hour Loss in Denmark

Denmark, as seen from above

An organization within Denmark published a study yesterday, made by Dwarf and Userneeds, showing that Facebook is the cause of $2 billion in loss of working hours. In a country with a population of 5,500,000 people, around 55,000 of them spend more than 30 minutes of their work day on Facebook, meaning a loss of $2 billion in terms of working hours – every day.

Some organizations suggests that employers should simply block Facebook, while others recommend not to do so, as young employees these day expect access to Facebook and if they can’t have it, they will move to other companies where they can, since modern communication is not only telephone and e-mail any more.

Out of the 5.5 million people, 1.9 million of them between the age of 16 and 65, has a profile on Facebook. Only Iceland and Norway has a bigger population percentage with Facebook profiles.

I’m not really sure what we can use this study for. People who smoke might as well also spend a total of 30 minutes taking smoke breaks every day (I’m sure 55,000 people out of 5 million would do so), the same goes with reading online newspapers and personal e-mail.

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  1. They can’t blame it on Facebook Blame it on tehmselves sicne tehy are the ones that aren’t budgeting their time.
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  2. That’s kinda funny actually. I wonder how much money in work hours were lost conducting this study. I don’t know whether the study considered this or not, but Facebook is actually quite useful for businesses as well. I know a photographer in my town that she gets almost all of her business from Facebook.

  3. I’ll tell you what, the whole smoke break thing is something that I have always been a little bothered by. As an example, at one of my previous jobs, which was pretty laid back, we would take one break in the afternoon where everyone went outside with the smokers and hung out for about 15 minutes. However, the smokers would also run out about once an hour to smoke a cigarette, while the rest of us worked throughout the day…
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  4. Tnanks for this information. The same idea also going in our office, Our office admin also block the social media sites like facebook, orkut to increase the productivity.
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  5. The problem with this is that sometimes you just can’t control or monitor what your employees do. What we did to avoid this kind of hours lost is we block social networking sites like FB and twitter at the office but reactivated it during coffee break or any break time of the day. At least we didn’t deprive them of “having a life” on the net without giving them a chance to use them.

    • Hi Bob – thanks for your comment 🙂

      That sounds like a good solution, what you did at your company. Instead of just blocking it all day, you allow them to use FB etc. during breaks. It’s better than nothing, that’s for sure.
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  6. Pueden bloquearlo si, pero muchas empresas, por lo menos pequeñas, usan el facebook para promocionarse o conseguir backlinks a su pagina, no se que se puede hacer . bloquear la pagina o tratar de convencer a los empleados de usarla pero mencionando enlaces de la empresa???, es una idea solo que se me ocurrio


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