Social Media For Content. Bloggers, Meet SmallRivers. [Sponsored Post]

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I bet you have an account on at least one social media network, such as Facebook or Twitter, am I right? What if you’re a blogger, shouldn’t your content have access to a social media network too, all by itself, without having you do all the networking for it? Let me introduce you to SmallRivers and explain how SmallRivers is like a social media network for your content.

To better understand SmallRivers, imagine the blogroll widget that you see on many blogs. A blogroll is basically a (static) list of blogs that the blogger recommends you to visit, hence placing links to other blogs in the blogroll. Compared to SmallRivers, a blogroll is like a printed newspaper where as SmallRivers is the online and web 2.0 dynamic version of a newspaper. The blogroll requires you to place a link to another blog and that blog will have to place a link back to you, if you are to gain anything from it. You now have a 1-to-1 link connection with another blog and that’s it.

SmallRivers will do the same, except it does it automatically within your network and with many more blogs and websites. Once your blog has a connection with “Blog B”, both of you using SmallRivers, and another blog, “Blog C”, comes a long and creates an automatic connection with “Blog B” – but not you – then you are automatically connected with “Blog C” as well. Now you are three blogs sharing content, but not in a way that will harm your search engine rankings or anything like that. Blog “B” and “C” will have their content shown on your site through the SmallRivers widget, but you’ll also have yours shown at their sites.

Imagine what happens when “Blog D” makes a connection, now you’re 4 blogs connected.

SmallRivers is a tool for bloggers to network content and audiences based on networks, so the content is always relevant. In the SmallRivers widget, which I’ll show you in just a moment, you will see the “blogging” network which currently has over 1,000 connected sites. Try that with a blogroll, it won’t be easy getting your content out to one thousand sites the old way.

Oh yeah, not to mention, SmallRivers will not only share links and content excerpts. It shares videos, comments, twitter tweets and much more. When somebody talks about your content, it’s likely to show up in SmallRivers too.

Here are the kickers: It’s free to use, it will provide your readers with easy access to related content and you (as a blogger) will discover related blogs and possibly make new connections in the blogosphere.

Time to show you what it’s all about. Here’s the actual widget which you can place anywhere on your site or in your content. That’s all it takes. Just try clicking on it and you’ll see it open up in the right-side of your browser and all the content in the networks becomes available to you. Give it a go and see how it works and try to add it on your own site.

See you in the network…?

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