Tweet Adder – How To Clean Up Twitter After Gaining 100’s Of Followers

Yesterday I told you how I gained 500 Twitter followers in just 5 days. That post came out rather long so here’s the other half of it, which is about “cleaning up after yourself”.

One thing I’ve learned from my experience with Tweet Adder, is that many Twitter users are using some kind of “automation” to send Direct Messages (DM’s). So by using Tweet Adder, you’re certainly not going to be the only one on Twitter using some kind of helping tool.

Cleaning Up!

Almost no matter how you decide to use Twitter, it can be a good idea to clean up every now and then, especially to remove the bots you might (will) have picked up (followed) over time. The two methods I’m using are:

1) Tweet Adder itself – the “Unfollow” tab

Using the “Unfollow”-tab within the Tweet Adder application will allow you to only unfollow people that were initially followed by Tweet Adder, that way you don’t risk unfollowing celebrities etc. you might have followed in the past, but doesn’t follow you back. Tweet Adder Unfollow will also allow you to specify how many days to wait until you unfollow somebody, that doesn’t follow you back. For example, you can define that you want to allow people 3 days to follow you back, from when you first began following them.

2) The Twit Cleaner

The Twit Cleaner is another one of my favorites for general Twitter cleaning-up. The Twit Cleaner will log you in using Twitter oauth, so you don’t have to give out your Twitter credentials. The Twit Cleaner is free to use as long as you are following less than 2,000 people. Above that, there’s a price to pay.

Once logged in to The Twit Cleaner, you will tell it to run a report. When it’s done it sends you a DM on Twitter, containing a unique link to your report. From there, you get a nice report with lots of information about those you follow, making it easy for you to decide which to keep and which to unfollow, also based on recommendations of The Twit Cleaner:

The report itself is divided into categories such as:

  • Try To Sell You Crap
    Uses common spam phrases
  • Multiple @s
    Puts too many @’s in one tweet, too often
  • Nothing But Links
    Posts nothing but links
  • Tweeting The Same Links All The Time
    Duplicates the same link more than 25% of the time
  • Tweeting Identical Tweets All The Time
    Posts the same tweet too many times
  • Other Dodgy Behaviour, Now Absent
    Any dodgy behaviour, plus haven’t posted in ages
  • No Activity In Over A Month
    No tweets in a very long time
  • Not Active Yet (Fewer Than 10 Tweets)
    Fewer than 10 tweets
  • Don’t Interact With Anyone
    Never interacts with any of their followers
  • Hardly Follow Anyone
    People that follow back less than 10% of the people who follow them

As you can see, it’s quite an analysis done by The Twit Cleaner, no wonder they want some dollars when you follow more than 2,000 people 🙂 Below each of the categories there are thumbnails of the people you follow, simply click the ones you want to keep and the rest will be unfollowed. Easy as that – cleanup done!

Another tool, like The Twit Cleaner, is Refollow. It’s said to give you more control but it requires a little more effort on your side to sort through which ones to keep and which ones to unfollow. Refollow is free, as far as I can tell. Try them out and use the tool you like most.

I’m not quite done “promoting” Tweet Adder to you guys just yet, as I have received some questions in my Inbox regarding what settings I am using, and recommending, for follow/unfollow with Tweet Adder. I’ll look into this and post about it in a few days. Stay tuned and remember to subscribe to my RSS feed and/or follow me on Twitter.

12 thoughts on “Tweet Adder – How To Clean Up Twitter After Gaining 100’s Of Followers”

  1. I use a website called Twitter Karma to remove people who are not following me. It is really quick and easy.
    .-= Tom´s last blog ..RSS Subscribers VS Email List | Which Is Better? =-.

  2. I’m sorry, but I don’t get all of these auto-follow apps. You mentioned in your previous post that all Adder does is press the buttons for you, that it’s the same as if you were doing it yourself. Well, I’m sorry, but following someone just because they came up in a search for a keyword just isn’t enough in my book.

    To me, Tweet Adder sounds just like a Twitter bot. You can be pretty sure I won’t be following back. For one thing, I don’t automatically follow back anyone – I always check their stream. For another, automated DM’s are on my list of Twitter no-no’s. If you want me to follow you, interact with me on Twitter and show me that I have something to gain – interaction, a smile, someone interesting to know. Also, I don’t have time to follow back right away. I usually follow people who interact with me, or whose tweets I came across while interacting with others. I don’t even check to see if they follow me back. Once every few weeks, I go through my new followers and follow back those that seem genuine and interesting. If you only wait 3 days to see if I follow back, you’re bound to lose me…

    I think I may just got me an idea for my next blog post – will mention your post here if that’s ok with you 😉
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..The Next Big Google Algorithm Update =-.

  3. Hi Anne.

    As always, your views are appreciated it 🙂 And of course you’re welcome to link to this/these posts if you decide to post about it on your blog.

    As I write in the last post about Tweet Adder, Twitter is what YOU make of it and sometimes you just can’t connect with somebody. Some will only use Twitter to send out updates on new blog posts, while others will only use it to tweet what they had for lunch.

    PS: I followed you on Twitter. Me. Not Tweet Adder, for the record 😉

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  6. Not a huge fan of Tweet Adder or any other adding or train program myself, but I use Huitter Mutuality for follower removal, it works with more followers than Twitter Karma.
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  7. I use friend or follow to clean up my Twitter. It gives me a little more control and as long as I do it on a regular basis, it does not become too overwhelming.

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  9. I think some of you don’t understand what TweetAdder and the like does. I use it but I tweet personally all day from my cpu and iphone. I just use TweetAdder to follow people who hold my interest because it’s quicker. Doesn’t make me a spammer or autobot, so to whoever said that I shouldn’t expect a followback…you wouldn’t even know because I tweet all the time. Don’t generalize and put all people who use this as a spammer or anything. We’re just really conscious of time and would rather have the convos as opposed to spending the time doing the manual searching. We’re not any better or worse for it, just as you aren’t for not wanting to use it.

  10. What I hate ’bout followers is, they just unfollow you after you get the notification that they followed you. :(( bad thing!


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