70,000 Blogs Mysteriously Disappears From The Internet

70,000 blogs suddenly disappeared from the Internet on July 9th when hosting company BurstNet, without warning, decided to pull the plug on the popular blogging platform Blogetery.com.

For some reason, BurstNet didn’t provide an official statement until now and apparently FBI contacted BurstNet saying that they found Al-Qaeda related material on Blogetery.com, such as how to make a bomb, messages from Osama Bin Laden and a list of people to be killed within the United States.

It would seem that BurstNet decided to shut it down on their own, since FBI didn’t ask them to do it – and doesn’t have the right to do so either, without a court order.


7 thoughts on “70,000 Blogs Mysteriously Disappears From The Internet”

  1. Wow! That is why I cannot open blogetery and check and edit my blogs. This is really sad for those who are subscribed to the site. At least now I know why we cannot pull up blogetery.

    Thanks for the information.

  2. You said Al-Qaeda! FBI is so going to get you now! Hit me back once they’re done waterboarding you…

    Anyway, I guess if there really is/was stuff like that on there it’s kinda cool they pulled the plug on their own. Although just shutting down those specific blogs seem like a more proper way to go?? Gotta love how they suspect Osama of having posted messages, who even knew there would be 3G reception in those caves he’s hiding in.

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  5. That is weird. Why couldn’t they just shut down the offending blogs?

    What can I say – get your own domain name folks and backup your blogs. You just never know when Osama will be joining you as a fellow blogger on the same free service!

  6. In my eyes, they they should just shut down the offending blogs, instead of shutting down all the 70,000 blogs.

    • Can’t agree with your more, Calk. Maybe those other 69,999 blogs have a backlink to Osama’s blogetery blog.


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