US Government recovers $30M in Stolen Cryptocurrency from North Korean hackers

Hackers stole more than $600 million from Axie Infinity earlier this year. The US government was able to successfully recover around $30 million in stolen cryptocurrency from online video game Axie Infinity in March, according to an announcement from crypto analytics firm Chainalysis on Thursday. The firm said it worked with the FBI and private … Read more →

Can the Federal Government Save Some Money by Switching to the Cloud?

The Federal government of the United States currently spends about $80 billion annually on the information technology that backs up its innumerable agencies and projects. When President Obama entered office more than two years ago, he created a new federal overseer position for the sole purpose of trying to streamline government communications technology. This new … Read more →

70,000 Blogs Mysteriously Disappears From The Internet

70,000 blogs suddenly disappeared from the Internet on July 9th when hosting company BurstNet, without warning, decided to pull the plug on the popular blogging platform For some reason, BurstNet didn’t provide an official statement until now and apparently FBI contacted BurstNet saying that they found Al-Qaeda related material on, such as how … Read more →

One Hundred Bad Guys From A Phishing Gang Indicted

Softpedia reports FBI announced that 33 bad guys were arrested in the connection with an international phishing gang that operated out of U.S. (California, Nevada and North Carolina) and Egypt. So far 53 individuals have been charged but the number is expected to rise to 100 in the coming days, as Egypt authorities have identified … Read more →