Get your very own tech forum – LovingTech.Net is for sale!

I’ve mentioned a few times here on TechPatio already. First time was because of my interview with the site owner, Ryan Grant, where we talked about how and why he started LovingTech in the first place and what his goals were for the future. Nine months after that, about a month ago, I posted a follow-up article to show how LovingTech has grown since the initial interview.

Well, now time has come for Ryan to move on and he’s now looking to pass on this unique opportunity by selling his website. has been put up on Flippa, the well-known auction site for buying and selling websites. It’s on auction so you can place a bid, starting at just $1 or you can take it all, before anybody else, at $4,999.

For more information, check out the auction site, it’s a “must bid” !!

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