We might see a Nexus Two from Google after all…

Google has previously said that they won’t be making a new Nexus phone and that Nexus One was the only one. But now there are some indications that they have changed their minds and a Nexus Two will hit the streets already this year.

While Nexus One was made by HTC, Nexus Two will be made by Samsung and will resemble their Galaxy S, one of their current flagship mobiles.

Gizmodo claims that Nexus Two will have a 4″ AMOLED touchscreen and the newest version of Android, known as Gingerbread.

6 thoughts on “We might see a Nexus Two from Google after all…”

  1. This is interesting. Starting to get serious about my next phone now.

    Been on the BB for years, tried the 3Gs for four months, and back now on the BB and just monitoring the market.

    So basically it’s just a unlocked Galaxy S running the latest Android?

    That’s good as the Galaxy S is my favorite android phone thus far.

  2. My friend has the first model which is pretty nice – should be interesting to see what Samsung will add to it – they’re really trying to get into the market but going to be difficult since Apple has such a large grip on the current market.

  3. I have read that Nexus Two will be for sure. But I don’t think they will release it this year, may be at the beginning of the next one.


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