Flash no longer included on Macs per default

The new MacBook Air from Apple comes without Flash pre-installed, something which Mac’s have had for a long time. But as you might know, Steve Jobs is not a big fan of Flash and Flash is not even possible on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Apple is now doing the same as Microsoft by not including Flash with their operating system per default. Basically this means you’ll have to download and install it yourself, if you want to use it.

The reason, according to Apple, is said to be “We’re happy to continue to support Flash on the Mac, and the best way for users to always the most up to date and secure version is to download it directly from Adobe”.

With YouTube already offering a HTML5 alternative for Flash video playback, and many more major sites also switching to HTML5 instead of Flash, HTML5 is slowly catching up to Flash, so the question is, how does the future look for Adobe and their Flash technology?

6 thoughts on “Flash no longer included on Macs per default”

  1. I think this was a big deal because of the Adobe/Apple friction, but it is probably more surprising that Flash was ever pre-installed on Macs, since, as you point out, it isn’t even pre-installed on Windows.

    For a while, it looked like all the momentum was against Flash, with the growth of HTML5. That has slowed down, but I do think Flash will slowly fade away as HTML5 becomes more mature.

  2. I think Flash is hear to stay as long as Adobe will be. I mean, first and foremost, there are still more sites/people who are a fan and using flash. There will be change of course but not enough to make flash totally vanish.

  3. And the Adobe – Apple war goes on. I think more and more companies have started to switch and support HTML5 instead of Flash, a serious matter of grave concern for Adobe

  4. It isn’t too much of a big deal. As you stated in your article, Mac computers will still support Flash and you can still download it directly from the Adobe website. No issue there, it’s still free.

  5. Well there are rumours out there talking about Apple being on the lookout for potential aquisitions.. they are cash rich and the with their share price going through the roof recently there is noone out there thta’s out of their reach.

    Adobe is one of those companies and Sony (believe it or not) is the other one.

    I can just imagine them buying Adobe and then telling the world how brilliant Flash is, the second the deal is done 🙂

  6. You know, I like Apple’s products. Using a MacBook Pro right now and love it, and the OSX. Love the iPhone, but just use it as a toy since I’m addicted to the Blackberry email/IM/BBM, speed and battery life.

    But, this BS where Apple shuns Flash is nonsense. I mean enough already of trying to control everything else.

    How does NOT supporting flash HELP Apple’s bottom line, or product stability or functionality?

    It’s just a pissing contest and it’s ridiculous.


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