Apple Posts “Thoughts on Flash” – by Steve Jobs

Apple just posted an open letter called “Thoughts on Flash” and signed by Steve Jobs himself.

The letter answers the “why not?” questions and covers six topics: Openness, the full web, security and performance, battery life, touch and drawbacks of relying on third-party development tools.

You can read the full letter from the link above or you can take the shorter version by TUAW, here.

The bottom line is – we will never see Flash on the iPhone OS. Well, it’s not wise to say “never” when it comes to technology, but 99.9% certain we will never see Flash on iPhone OS. And that’s fine by me. Screw you, Adobe.

3 thoughts on “Apple Posts “Thoughts on Flash” – by Steve Jobs”

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  2. How long will flash live if we can’t use it on iphone,ipod or ipad, and it’s quite buggy on the mac.

    I hope Steve’s statement about not support Flash will kill the platform, because i don’t like do see flashbuilt application and it’s not funny do develop dem either 🙂

    Thanks for a good blog BTW..

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