Next iPhone To Be Announced June 7th?

Apple just announced the date for their next World Wide Developers Conference, WWDC 2010, which is June 7th. The two latest iPhones, 3G and 3GS, were first shown by Apple to the public at WWDC in 2008 and 2009 – which is why the media now speculates that we will see the next iPhone at the next WWDC as well.

Chances are the next iPhone is not going to be much different than the iPhone everybody has been writing about for the past few weeks. Of course I’m talking about the iPhone that Gray Powell dropped in a bar and eventually wound up at Gizmodo who took it apart and photographed it inside out – to which Steve Jobs posted a video response. But what we still don’t know, is how much built-in memory it will have, what it will cost – and more importantly – when we will see it on the streets!

Only 39 days to go till June 7th… and if you feel like warming up already, why not check out the three latest iPhone TV ads?

3 thoughts on “Next iPhone To Be Announced June 7th?”

  1. Interesting, didn’t know Steve Jobs responded with a video – opening your link now

    I guess it’s no more a surprise since the whole world already know how it’s gonna look like 😀
    .-= Michael Aulia´s last blog ..Creative Aurvana Air and EP-3NC =-.

  2. I seriously like this design better than the previous one. The previous one just look kinda “cheap”.


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