iPad 3G Better Than WiFi – Sold 300,000 Units

Less than a week ago, the 3G+WiFi version of the iPad was released in the United States. Yes, only in the US. Over here in Europe, we still haven’t got the iPad WiFi and no idea what the price will be, other than speculations.

The iPad 3G is basically the same version as the WiFi iPad, but better in the sense that it has a built-in 3G radio with a HSDPA connection, allowing you to go online where ever there’s 3G coverage, meaning you don’t have to rely on having a hotspot nearby (wireless network).

The downside to 3G is that Apple doesn’t allow you to download movies or TV shows using 3G, then you will have to enable WiFi and be around a wireless network.

Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray estimates that Apple already sold over 300,000 iPad 3G’s during the first weekend (it was launched last Friday). Currently, the iPad has a FreakScore of 8.9 out of 10 over at TestFreaks, which is pretty good – people must really like it.

If you want the 3G version it will cost you $130 more, do you think that’s worth it? I might consider it, but I fear that when we see it in Europe, it will no longer be just $130, but maybe more like $160-$190. Personally, right now, I’m considering getting the small iPad WiFi and upgrade when the next generation is out, hopefully with a camera.

8 thoughts on “iPad 3G Better Than WiFi – Sold 300,000 Units”

  1. I have heard this news about 2 weeks ago.
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    • That’s impressive, since the iPad 3G has only been available for 1 week, as of today 🙂

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  3. Frankly speaking, the iPad 3G version is really a little expensive and I can’t accept the current price.
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  5. I think 3g will just make it so much more convenient. Imagine you carry it around and you don’t have to worry about searching and looking for a hot spot all the time. I’m getting the 3G version myself. 🙂
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  6. I believe both of the devices have their own strengths and weaknesses, choice is dependent on convenience and the usage.
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  7. Hi Klaus,

    I’m not really sure if the G3 is really worth that much extra money but for some people it is.

    I’ll be happy with the regular iPad. I’ve seen it in action and contrary to what a lot of people that aren’t geek freaks seem to think that it can do (they say not that much) I think it is great.



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