iPad Taken Apart By TechRestore, Cool Stop-Motion Video!

This is the coolest unpack/disassembly video I’ve ever seen. Well, at least that I can remember 🙂 It’s a stop-motion video created by TechRestore. Besides the cool sound effects, we also get to see the iPad deep inside.

For instance, it has two built-in batteries with more than 5x as much capacity as the iPhone.

Here’s another video from TechRestore, also on the iPad. This is more like a parody though, but funny.

17 thoughts on “iPad Taken Apart By TechRestore, Cool Stop-Motion Video!”

  1. Two nice video to explain this new type of gadget. The first video look good but I’m not able to manage time for next one. Thanks for sharing.
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  2. Response left on Genius Geek and 10e20

    Dear Ricky,

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    • You’re really starting to look like a spammer to me… this is the 3rd time you post this exact comment (well, you have your “P.S.” added this time, but besides that, the same) – and your comment doesn’t even have anything to do with iPad unpacking, as this post is about…. ?

  3. In case Tech Patio wants to print a retraction (slim chance I know), here are the facts.

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    • Leone – would you please stop posting your comments at the wrong post? This post is about an iPad – not about your college!!

      And you’re right. I will not post a retraction. In my eyes, what you guys have been trying to do, is to take advantage of do follow blogs in order to get back links to – not your college – but a company website, ToysPeriod.

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  4. Klaus, You keep missing the point.

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    • I’m not going to retract or give you an apology, Leone. You don’t get to decide who I want to have comments from, on my blog, and who I want to link to – or what plugins (Akismet) I run.

      Just so you’re aware, you’re currently ruining the comments space for my iPad post. The post this is posted on (as a reply to your comment) is this post regarding an iPad, and has nothing to do with your college: https://techpatio.com/2010/tech-news/ipad-unpack-disassembly-stop-motion-video

    • I agree wholeheartedly. All we have seen from these people is spam. There has never been one valid comment about a post on our blogs; instead all they do is promote themselves and yap on about Akismet. I always delete these comments without a second thought. If you come to a blog to hijack the conversation toward your own interests and don’t even try to talk about the post, you are spam! If it walks like a duck..

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    • Leone – this might be the first time I actually agree with you 🙂

      You wrote:
      “It’s perfectly OK for Klaus to ban ME for example, from this one blog”

      Yes, I agree.

      You wrote:
      “Akismet is a plug in that allows public airways to be used to anonymously ban ethnic minority, women and political/religious groups.”
      “Anonymity was used then to lynch folks. Anonymity is being used AGAIN by Akismet to symbolically lynch folks, folks who have done no one any harm.”

      I agree, somewhat. If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know how much I’m against the censorship going on in China. I don’t like that stuff, at all. But…

      You wrote:
      “It is not OK for Akismet to take Klaus’ decision and use it to ban me from thousands of blogs.”

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  6. Very cool unpacking video — I hope TechRestore gets a bunch of business for its efforts! Quite frankly, after watching them “film the innards” of this gadget, it does not look too complicated to clean and do minor repairs on.

    Do you have an iPad? I am thinking about it but still on the fence at this point.

    • Unfortunately I don’t have en iPad, yet 🙁 I was initially not planning to get one, until iTunes allows for movie/tv shows in Europe and iBooks as well (kindle-like books). But I think now, I don’t care – I just want one 🙂 It should be in Europe within 1.5 months, so depending on the price, I’ll pick one up here or I’ll bring one home from the US.

      I’ve heard that the iPad is such a device that, if you’re on the fence about it, you’ll want one as soon as you get to play with it in real life 🙂

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  8. Rigtig fin video den første.
    Den er selvfølgelig ved at være lidt gammel, men ikke mere uinteressant af den grund.
    Jeg har skrevet lidt om iPad i skolesammenhæng på et tidspunkt: http://www.peter-holmboe.dk/2011/12/ipad-vigtig/

    Den første “udpakningsvideo” giver mig anledning til at tænke på hvor følsomt et apparat der trods alt er tale om – supercool at den faktisk fungerer godt og stabilt i en skole alligevel!


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