iPhone 4 & Droid Incredible – Robotic Disassembly by TechRestore

Remember the iPad disassembly video by TechRestore? That was really cool. Now TechRestore did it again with the iPhone 4 (and the Droid, but that’s an older video). I don’t know why, there’s just something really cool about these videoes – it’s probably the robotic sounds and movements and the fact that you get to … Read more →

iPad Taken Apart By TechRestore, Cool Stop-Motion Video!

This is the coolest unpack/disassembly video I’ve ever seen. Well, at least that I can remember 🙂 It’s a stop-motion video created by TechRestore. Besides the cool sound effects, we also get to see the iPad deep inside. For instance, it has two built-in batteries with more than 5x as much capacity as the iPhone. … Read more →

Inside The iPhone 3GS

Admit it, you’ve had some naughty thoughts on how the new iPhone 3GS might look under its appearance… well, now you can see it in this great stop-motion picture by TechRestore. In just 2 minutes it will be taken apart – with all kinds of fancy sound effects too – and assembled again in the … Read more →