Tim Cook – Apple’s CEO replacement for Steve Jobs

Tim Cook - new Apple CEO as of August 2011

Yesterday Steve Jobs decided to step down as CEO for Apple, after health issues for quite a while. He does remain a member of the board though, so hopefully his ideas will remain within Apple.

His replacement, Tim Cook, has already been running Apple for the past 6 months or something while Steve Jobs was away on sick leave, and he did it once or twice in the past as well, so he’s not a stranger to how Apple works.

There’s no question that Apple is a very strong brand and Steve Jobs had a huge impact on where Apple is today as a brand and company, but Apple itself as a brand – and not only Steve Jobs, has also grown so big that experts believe Apple’s image will not suffer due to Steve Jobs leaving the CEO position.

And to be honest, not that many of the average Apple users even know who Steve Jobs is, I’ll bet on that. The fact that you’re reading this, probably means that you know who he is – but those who just use an iPod/iPhone or bought a Mac because they like it or had it recommended, I’m sure they haven’t got a clue about who Steve Jobs is – and especially not about Tim Cook either, for that matter.

I honestly have no idea if we’ll see Steve Jobs on the stage when presenting iPhone 5, or Tim Cook, but I somehow doubt it will be Steve Jobs. On one hand, it would be pretty cool as a “final keynote” – if his health is up for it. I don’t know how Tim Cook is on a stage, but he certainly shouldn’t try to be the new Steve Jobs. Nobody can do a better Steve Jobs than Steve himself, so if Tim tries that, he’s in for a wild ride – and not one of the good ones. Tim Cook needs to show his own personality and not take on the one of Steve Jobs.

… and does this mean the end of “one more thing”? I think so, unless Steve Jobs takes the stage one last time.

Speaking of iPhone 5, even though nobody seems to know when it’s out, Vodafone Australia has already started promoting future plans in some channels, click here for iPhone 5 plans if you’re based in Australia, even though their website actually still mentions the current iPhone 4. But it’s just a matter of time now, many people are expecting iPhone 5 to come around within a few months. Let’s hope.

All there’s left to say to Steve Jobs now is “so long and thanks for all the fish” – and we congratulate Tim Cook with officially being announced CEO of Apple. Rock on, Tim!

Steve Jobs - from back when he looked more healthy

11 thoughts on “Tim Cook – Apple’s CEO replacement for Steve Jobs”

  1. Even though I’m not an Apple fan, I’m sad to see the end of the Steve Jobs era. Steve has always been enthusiastic and dedicated to Apple, and his resignation can only mean that his health is continuing to decline. I wish him the best of luck.

  2. I hope Tim Cook can present as well as Steve Job for the iPhone 5. Of course I would love to see Steve Job on the stage, but I also can’t wait to see what’s up the sleeve of Tim Cook. Apple is a strong brand and I hope Tim Cook can do as well as Steve Job or even better.

  3. As people brace for the Iphone5, it was a sad news to find out that we will not be seeing Steven Jobs present another iconic upgrade. This is a sad truth, I just wish he can still be on the stage along with Tim Cook to present Iphone and say his final farewell.

  4. Would be interesting to find out whether Apple can still innovate without Steve. I hope so, only time will tell. Wish he can appear for the final time to showcase the iPhone 5 though..imagine how many people will give him a stand occasion for a very long time

  5. Its really sad to see Steve stepping down but thats what happens one day he had to resign, Hats off to his dedication towards Apple and as for now best wishes to Tim Cook for being appointed as the new CEO, Hope he takes the company to to a more greater heights.

  6. I did a write up on what Tim Cook earns and it’s insane at $59 million per year. The man could literally buy anything!

  7. I’m a big lover of Apple gadgets and I was almost worried when I knew that Steve Jobs stepped down..congratulations to Tim Cook…..hope Apple continues to live to its reputation now that Steve Jobs is just a member of the board…

  8. It’s so sad that Steve Jobs passed away. Tim Cook has a big shoes to fill in, no doubt about that. But if Steve Jobs had faith in him, then surely he can do the job right.


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