Emergency Preparedness: 5 Must-Have Items for Burglary Prevention

Burglaries and home invasions are like other emergencies in that you prepare for them while hoping you never have to put your preparation to the test. For those folks who find themselves victims of a burglary or attempted burglary, all of that preparation pays off.

While there are many different types of home security systems, they all share certain essential elements. If you want to protect your home, family, and possessions, here are the five things you need to have:

1 – Deadbolts

It’s a proven fact: deadbolt locks deter burglars. They take significantly longer to pick than a standard lock (although they’re not invulnerable). Some experts will tell you that you should have dual-sided deadbolts, but others suggest that this presents a danger in the event of other emergencies – such as a fire. Generally speaking, an external-only deadbolt is usually sufficient.

2 – Door and window monitors

These are the key element of a home security system. They come in all types – from magnetic sensors to glassbreak indicators. The more elaborate the monitor, the more secure you’ll be.

3 – Deterrent lighting

Burglars don’t operate in broad daylight for a reason. Sometimes, simply having a bright yard light that shines on anyone walking toward the house from the street is enough to convince a burglar to move on to the next house. Motion-sensing lights are another good choice, too.

4 – Security-based landscaping

Do you have bushes that grow right up under your bathroom window? If you do, you’re providing a hiding spot for a burglar. Make sure that your landscaping choices don’t provide any kind of cover for potential burglars, and that all of the entrances to your home can be clearly seen from the street.

5 – A weapon

While some folks might disagree, the statistics bear it out: homeowners who have a handgun and proper training are victimized less often than those without. Obviously there are some situations where it’s not appropriate, and you’ll want to make sure you have safety training. That said, a handgun can be the measure of last resort once a burglary has already begun.

Simply being aware of the potential for a burglary or home invasion and then taking a good, hard look at your home can help you see where it might be vulnerable. Take a holistic view of your home and yard; try to see it like a potential burglar does. Identify the security holes that exist and use the five items above to plug them securely.

Guest post by: Madison Parker writes at HomeSecuritySystems.net on subjects related to home security systems, survival and preparedness.

5 thoughts on “Emergency Preparedness: 5 Must-Have Items for Burglary Prevention”

  1. I do agree that getting a motion detector lights would keep away burglars. There are a lot of motion sensor lights out there and it’s pretty affordable. Usually it would only cost you $15 to $20, depending on the type.

  2. Me and my family was once a victim of this kind of Burglary. To prevent this kind of thing to happen again, we have dogs and dual locks at our house today.

  3. I think one option we should think about is by installing CCTV camera all over the place for some buglers to be caught easily, I totally agree that all of the things you listed works well. to prevent our family to such crime some people like to do.


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