5 Factors That Make For Good Electric Cookers

by Guest Author on October 27, 2011

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There are a multitude of electric cookers on the market that can be picked up for relatively small numbers, right up to four figures.  The model that you go for comes down to personal taste in terms of the design, the space you have available and of course your budget.  However, there are some key elements that you should look for in electric cookers to help you narrow your initial search down.  Here we discuss the five key factors that go into making a good electric cooker.

1 – Fan assisted

The first attribute you should look for in quality electric cookers is that it is fan assisted rather than conventional.  With a fan assisted model the hot air is circulated around the oven area, which gives you a more even cooking experience.  In addition they warm up quicker, which cuts down on energy and means you can start cooking your meal sooner.

2 – Easy clean

Whilst the hobs of gas cookers can prove awkward to clean due to all the nooks and crannies; hobs on electric cookers tend to be less hassle due to the fact they are flat.  However, before you add a specific model to your shortlist, do some research on what material the surface of the hob is made from.  This way you can be sure of only considering models that are quick and easy to clean.

3 – Grill element

Whilst the grill is perhaps the least used of the cooking stations on electric cookers, you still want it to perform on the odd time that you do use it.  One problem with many models is that the grill element isn’t as big as it perhaps ought to be.  As a result items that are placed around the edges of the grill don’t cook as well as those in the middle.  So be sure to have a thorough check inside the oven if you are in a shop, or check the full spec if browsing online.

4 – Double oven

Many people are still tempted to go for single ovens – especially couples or those that live alone.  They believe that they won’t ever need two separate ovens and of course single ones are cheaper.  However, once you start having friends and family round or cooking more complex meals you soon realise that double ovens are a must.  Paying a bit extra could also save you money in the long term if you have children and need the extra cooking space.

5 – Programming

One of the key advantages of electric cookers is the ability to program them to cook as and when you want them to.  So if you are going for an electric cooker over a gas alternative; make sure you get one that has in-depth programming capabilities.  Otherwise you are really are missing out on a key plus point.

Thanks to Michael, one of the many external authors of TechPatio.com, for submitting this guest article.


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