June 2011: Blog Summary & Income Report (the last report to be published – it’s been 2 years)

This blog summary & income report for June is heavily delayed and I’m sorry about that. I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to post it as I’ve decided to stop posting these. But, I figured I’d just include June also since I would then have published income reports for 2 years, ever since TechPatio launched in the Summer of 2009.

My goal with this blog (and still is) was to find out if it was possible to make money online – and if so, how much one could make. If you go back through the income reports from the past 2 years you’ll find that I’ve made over $5,000 in total. My hourly wage, you’re asking? I have no idea, but I’m quite sure I could have made more money cleaning dishes somewhere in Europe – but this “job” is much more exciting and rewarding in many more ways than just money. For example, you make connections with other bloggers and readers – people you would otherwise never have known.

Also keep in mind, the effort I put into this blog is nowhere near what is possible – if you’re serious about it and you’re willing to spend a few hours daily, you can do even better than I did!

So, thanks for your interest in the blog summary & income reports and also thanks to this german guy for including my reports in his monthly summaries on his blog as well.

Let’s get to it – the results from the last income report (for now, at least) are as follows:

June ’11

Visits 30,487
Pageviews: 38,857
Pages/visit 1.27
Bounce rate: 82%
Avg. time on site: 00:39
New visits: 92%
Traffic Sources
Direct traffic: 11%
Search engines: 62%
Referring sites: 26%
Other: 1%
Google Adsense: $121
Ebuzzing: £140
Amazon: $31
Direct ads/reviews: $25
Kontera: $19
Sponsored Reviews: $60
Sponsored Tweets: $2
Craft & Vision: $7
TOTAL: $495

Conclusion: June ’11

It’s a new record in income!! I still haven’t reached $500 in a month, but this time it was close. Previous records were almost just as high, but $495 is (as far as I could count) the highest income in a month, so far.

As for traffic, it’s around the same as last month.

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts: June ’11

Below you’ll find top 5 most viewed posts last month. When a post has been published doesn’t matter, it’s how many views each of them have had in the previous month. Here they are:

  1. The Best AirPrint Compatible Printers
  2. Caroline Wozniacki Breasts
  3. 10 Best Printers for Macs
  4. Funny Pictures: Google Street View Launched In Denmark
  5. HTC Desire HD vs HTC Mozart – Froyo vs WP7

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27 thoughts on “June 2011: Blog Summary & Income Report (the last report to be published – it’s been 2 years)”

  1. Last month wasn’t what I expected but it is what it is. If you would have published this sooner I could have got you into the income reports list.

    Check out how other bloggers did last month: http://deneilmerritt.com/june-2011-income-reports-list/

    • Hi Deneil. Yeah I was “a bit” late this month 🙂 Too bad I won’t be doing these reports any more, so I can’t join your future lists.

        • Nope, but it’s been 2 years now and I’ve shown the world (and myself) what could be done, so now I’d just like to focus on the blog and not so much on the “bragging”, so to speak.

          • Yeah, I hear you on that. If you would like to be added on the list next month just email me the amount you made. Ill put you on the list anyway. Free backlink for you 🙂

  2. Very efficiently written information. Will probably be useful to anybody who uses it, together with myself. Sustain the nice work – for sure i will take a look at extra posts.

  3. Wow nice figures, really nice. The information writen is very acurate and efficiently. Thank you for this post.

  4. Didn’t know it’s so easy to earn so much money!! Cool! Keep us informed please! Maybe I’m going to use it on my site landgoedbergvliet.nl

  5. Great Income Report and these income reports from the Professional bloggers are inspiration for the Newbie bloggers.

  6. Sorry to hear this will be the last income report. Earning income online can definitely be a challenge. It’s something that requires determination and patience. Good luck with your endeavors.

  7. Thank you for your case study.
    Compared to a “real” job seems you don’t even make money,but blogging is not just that.
    Bloggin is an art,it’s teaching something to someone,it’s build your online reputation and much more.

    Cheers for your success and I hope that you can earn more by sharing your knowledge for free!

    • Hi Sunnay. I appreciate your comment, but since posting the last report, the goal with TechPatio has to move further into the “tech” niche and not focus so much on blogging and making money online, so it wouldn’t really be appropriate to continue postin the reports. There are lots of other sites that do, though, but maybe not so much tech oriented, although I’m sure there are still some out there.


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