Basic Internet Marketing Tools for Online Businesses

With businesses popping up anytime and anywhere, making a living in any business venture today surely is a very tough challenge. Whether your business is big or small, in the age of the Internet, you need to establish your business’ exposure online. Fortunately, there are many Internet marketing tools and techniques that can be used for any type of business. It just goes down to learning what they are, and knowing which ones to use for a particular purpose.Below are some basic Internet marketing tools for online businesses:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is a very efficient Internet marketing tool for improving the quality and volume of traffic going into your website. It involves a combination of “off-page” and “on-page” strategies that are designed to carry out your business goals. Hiring a reputable SEO company can help provide you effective strategies regarding SEO.
  • PPC Management – is considered to be a very crucial part of any Internet marketing plan. Pay per click is when an advertising company (such as Google and Yahoo!) charges a fee to the company being advertised every time somebody clicks on their advertisements. A good PPC management implementation can enable websites to maintain a good page ranking. Since PPC management is a continuous process that involves regular testing and tweaking, it is highly recommended for companies to hire an experienced and reputable SEO company to manage their campaigns to achieve desired results.
  • Free SEO Software – Many individuals and companies use many free SEO software solutions aside from the other Internet marketing tools and techniques because they see that they provide some significant value. Just like many software products, it typically depends on the user’s implementation and the nature of the website. Free SEO software can do many things for your site such as provide you with your website statistics, check for broken links, help with market research, etc.

The Internet marketing tools mentioned above are just some of the invaluable ones that you need to know in order to establish an effective business plan. These tools will significantly help you stay ahead of your competition online.

29 thoughts on “Basic Internet Marketing Tools for Online Businesses”

  1. Social Media Marketing is also an internet marketing tool that online business should pay attention to. This would help you look for potential customers and build your online reputation.

    • Agreed. You are right. Social media these days is an important tool as google is paying lots of attention to sites who have good social media rankings.

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  3. Thanks you for sharing this great post! I’ve been planning to start my own online business for quite some time now. And these post and the links are really helpful!

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  6. Online marketing is very essential for all online businesses and they can’t ignore it. But always use ethical ways to promote your website, products and services. You must need to target your niche market only then you can get more.

  7. SEO and PPC are needs of all online businesses. But you need to use it intelligently only then you get more exposure in your targeted market.

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  12. I believe that SEO + social media could replace any PCC campaign if you’ve an online business.
    “Free” visitors from search engine and customer relationships on social media,that’s all!

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  16. Rapidly growth of technology has made our life much easier then it was years ago. Internet marketing is inexpensive and make your business all over the globe. SEO is the main tool for this but social media marketing and marketing with articles play an important in this regard.

  17. This is very important to select proper internet marketing tool to succeed any online business. I appreciate the basic Internet marketing tools you mentioned in your post for successful online businesses. Thanks for sharing your useful idea with us.

  18. Search engine optimization and PPC management are one of my favorite tools for online marketing. Hence I haven’t got much success with PPC but still trying optimize it for better performance.

  19. Speaking of SEO, it’s important to know that offsite optimization is more valuable than onsite optimization. a lot of people think it’s enough to change “some things” on your site and it will magically appear on Google page one for the relevant keywords. but this is simply not the case.


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