How to Use Facebook Tools to Market Your Business

Facebook offers a wide range of tools which can be used for business promotion. In addition, there are several apps that are available. Facebook is great for generating buzz and keeping in touch with your customers. The following are some of the tools available on Facebook.

Profile Page

This is where business profiles are created. Based on what you are promoting, use information which will make it easy for people to find you. Make sure you select the right category. Make sure profile page is interesting so as to generate many page views.

Facebook Pages

This is where you will post all kinds of things to be seen by people – news, photos, messages, videos, and any other content. Use your page to establish brand presence. Make sure you customize it with apps, Flash and relevant content. Your page will enable you to relay updates in real time to your fans.

Facebook Groups

After your profile has been created, you can then build groups which will involve people with similar interests. This will help you create awareness of your brand and business through interactions and conversations. Though this feature does not allow users to be fans, it enables you to communicate with members in a more intimate way. Facebook Groups have played a key role in creating awareness about my blog which promotes discounts and webhostingpad coupons.

Facebook Events

This is an application which is useful for promoting events like contests, parties, product launches and upcoming sales. Each event has its own page which allows fans to sign up for notifications and request invitations. This feature is ideal for building up a group of people who want to get involved in an event.

Notes and photos

These applications are great for sharing pictures and blog posts. However, make sure you avoid too much sales talk, and don’t flood people with too much company logos or information. To maintain your credibility, focus on photos and text that are educational. Photos and notes can be brought to the attention of specific people by tagging them.


This is like an ad section or a classified. If you want to offer goods and services to your members and fans, you can have your ads posted here. This feature can generate sales and leads by targeting individual who may be interested.

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16 thoughts on “How to Use Facebook Tools to Market Your Business”

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  2. I occasionally help the online promotion of a pizzeria owned by a friend of mine.
    We create new events and we always try to offer discounts through our fan page

  3. It’s true that Facebook can be used as a tool in marketing. It’s what we called as Social media marketing. It’s very effective as long as you do it right.

  4. I would much rather have people interact with me on my own website than on FaceBook. It’s all very well to get short term attention on FaceBook, but my site will be mine and I will remain in control even as FaceBook evolves over the years.

  5. Facebook and other social media sites can be an effective traffic driver to your site, but they will work better for certain niches than others. Tayloring your FB campaign will definitely help drive traffic as well. Don’t be affraid to throw up a few pages with different styles to compare against each other.

  6. This is a great article and I agree with the recommendations put out here. I recently started using Facebook as a “tool” only because of the new WordPress app, but it is still difficult for me to get integrated into the professional circle since I only work for a small company

  7. As someone who has kind of only recently gotten heavily into marketing via Facebook, I must say that there is startlingly little correlation between your Facebook likes/fan numbers and your actual popularity or standing in the world. I’ve seen wildly varying numbers for different profiles of incredibly varying levels of real-world recognition or “fame” or fandom. I understand this is just one part of “Facebook marketing” and using Facebook for promotion, but still, it’s unsettling to me!

  8. facebook has some great tools and businesses can take advantage of them. It’s just a matter of managing resources and making the most of a good thing

  9. I’ve only really just gotten into real serious Facebook marketing and I’ve got to say, I’ve noticed a certain *non*correlation between how many “Likes” one has and how well-liked and popular one is in real life. Someone much more established and acclaimed can have significantly fewer “Likes” than someone at a lower level who has put a lot of time and effort into gaining “Likes”.

    That being said I’m excited to use the new Bandcamp plugin.

  10. Facebook has really cool tools for businesses to use, I don’t think that Facebook pages and profile pages are two different thing 😀


  11. Facebook seems to have found number of online users, day by day it end users are increasing. Now it is the only platform where huge real people remain online either to interact with their friends or are activity involved in promoting their business. I make most out of this platform, particularly I like networked blog apps which provides regular visit to my website.


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