The Differences Between Toner Cartridge Options for Your Printer

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Laser printers are mostly used for their speed and large printing capabilities.  Most large business printers are laser printers because the printer ink can be stored for longer periods of time in the laser toner cartridge and thus allowing huge printing projects to be done with one cartridge.  What makes toners stand out from their ink cartridge competitors are the amount of pages they can spit out faster and for longer periods of time.

It is important to know that a toner is the powder ink used by copy machines and laser printers.  It is held in a toner cartridge that has graphite, the ink powder, a metal fuser roller and a synthetic felt wand that together with the printer mechanism place the powder in the paper with the graphics you send from your PC, laptop or any other device to the printer.

But laser toner options can get tricky.  You have OEM, short for Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridges, compatible toner cartridges and remanufactured toner cartridges.  How to choose from the different laser toner options for your printer can be a real challenge.  So this article aims to give you some facts about the three types of toner cartridges to help you choose the right one for your printer and printing needs.

OEM cartridges refer to the toner cartridges that come with the printer and have been made by the printer manufacturer.  They are also known as “Brand Name Toner cartridges”.  OEM cartridges guarantee the perfect yield and density for the specific printer because they are made exactly to match it.  The yield of the cartridge is important because it is the amount of pages printed per toner and the density measures how dark the text will come out after printing.   They are guaranteed by the printer manufacturer to work efficiently and effectively because they have been fully tested.

Compatible cartridges are new cartridges that have been made by a third party and not the original manufacturer.  They can also be called “New compatible”, “off-brand” and “genetic” cartridges.  They have been made to fit several printers as well.  It is important to purchase compatible cartridges from a trustworthy manufacturer that guarantees the product for no less than a year with a replacement or money back guarantee.

Last but not least the time has come to talk about Remanufactured toner cartridges.  They also have different names such as “Alternative Cartridges” and “Aftermarket Cartridges”. These cartridges have been serviced, cleaned and refilled with toner.  Possibly some parts of the cartridge have been repaired or replaced; most of the time the drums are not new just refurbished.  This option is the environmental friendly option because it keeps cartridges from filling land fields and helps all recycling efforts.  As well as the compatible cartridges you should look for a reliable manufacturer that is ISO-9001 certified and provides at least a one year warranty for the cartridges.


Toner cartridges can be found in three different options such being OEM, remanufactured and compatible cartridges.  It is important to know what type of toner is the best for your printer purposes.  Learning what each type is can help you make the best decision for your laser printer.

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  2. It is important to really check and understand ink and toner cartridges compatibility. Different printers do have their own compatible inks and cartridges as well.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I usually end up buying toner cartridges made by the printer manufacturer. If I want to save money I usually purchase the remanufactured toner cartridges.

  4. I used to fix copiers years ago. To remanufacture them we would vacuum out the used toner and refill with fresh toner. You could normally do it a couple of times before the drum was to bad to use. What I like best using toner over liquid ink is that it doesn’t run if it gets wet.


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