Off Page Search Engine Optimization

You can make use of other’s websites to promote and attract traffic towards yours. The category of SEO in which you tries to drive traffic from external websites is known as Off Page Search Engine Optimization. Here are a few commonly used Off Page SEO techniques.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are a great method to promote your website. You can get hundreds to millions of users grab the latest happening on your website by using feeds provided by social networking sites. Most commonly used sites in this category include Facebook and Twitter.

Forum Postings

Try to find do-follow forums in a niche related to your website. Then post on these forums with either a link within the posts or a link in the signature. Make sure the forum is a do-follow one.

Directory Submission

Thousands of free as well as paid web-directories are online. Post your website to at least all the free web-directories and if your budget permits, go for the paid web-directories.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are a great method of generating traffic to you. Apart from the backlinks, you can get some genuine traffic from these social bookmarking websites as well.

Link Exchanging

It’s always good to make friends. Try to develop healthy relationships with your competitors. You can do link exchanging with other websites by placing their links on your website and asking them to backlink to your website as well.

Exploit Video Uploading

Video uploading sites can be used in different ways to drive traffic. You can upload demos, tutorials and promos on websites like YouTube. The more people view the video, the more people will get to know about your website. You can place a link in the description to your website. Another technique you can opt is to upload a part of some interesting video and ask the visitors to come and view your website to see the remaining part.

Article Directory Submission

Write articles and submit them to different article directories. You can place link to your website within the article or in the author information. If you are placing same article on different directories, try to spin it and avoid content duplication.

Answering Services

Some websites like Yahoo Answers and Wiki Answers, let people post questions and others to answer them. You can reply to different questions on these websites and place a backlink to your website while making an answer.

Volunteer Works

It’s not necessary to always place a backlink everywhere. A customer knowing the brand name of your website may also like to visit your website. Upload some pictures, slides or PDF files on sharing sites branded with your website name. If the viewer finds the information useful, he might come to see your website for more such material. For example, if you have a website containing Medifast and Nutrisystem coupons, you could create a document related to it and upload it on a document viewing site.

Guest article written by: Saksham is a professional blogger and a writer and writes about blogging and SEO. He also blogs for diet and weight loss program sites that offer newest Medifast promo coupon and discount code for Nutrisystem.

28 thoughts on “Off Page Search Engine Optimization”

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  2. Thank Saksham..
    Social networking, article submitting and directory listings are best for off page search engine optimization. Forum posting doesn’t have any value for SEO [I think so]

    • I’ve never tried the article submitting, I need to some day.

      I’ve found that forum posting definitely does have SEO value. I’ve done little other and have a PR2 and rank highly for many competitive KWs, all in just one year.

  3. For anyone who is looking for a forum in the photography niche, I recently created a do-follow photography forum at

    As far as link exchanges, I tried those early on too. It’s probably been 2 or 3 years since I’ve even considered one because there are other ways of link building that are more worth your time.

  4. Answering sites! I hadn’t even thought about that one, but it’s a really fantastic idea! It’s long been a pet peeve of mine when I search for an answer, land on something like Yahoo Answers and there’s no useful information there whatsoever.

    I’m going to make that my #1 priority this week. Thank you!

  5. Hi Saksham,
    You article mentions “Answering Services” and “Volunteer Works” and this gave me some insight as to how I can improve the off page search engine optimization of some pages in my blog where I feature coupons for diet programs. Great tips!

  6. Yes, Your article about seo off-page method is really simply cute. Here you describe about Link Exchange,Article Submission,Bookmarking,Social Networking and yahoo answering. Here I would to share some more off page method like Press Release, Classified Ads Submission,Blogging,Blog Commenting.

  7. I see a lot of grate tips here, but another addition here could be guest posting because I think that will be more good then article marketing.

  8. I want to suggest MR DJ ARIF that his thought is wrong. because forum posting is a very useful off page task to get backlinks and traffic because it is a free community where people comes for open discussion so I suggest you it is best for off page work. You see my web site in forum in which i have get more benifits.

  9. I just recently read that link exchanges were not helpful. I have been posting a lot on forums. That and commenting on blogs are excellent ways to get links. You get to learn some great information while getting links.

  10. Det er meget svær hvad der egentligt er oppe nu i seo de mange muligheder der er har hver deres unikke fordel, men mange af de gamle metoder som vi har brugt virker ikke mere, det er hvad jeg har læst mig frem til.

  11. hey… thank you so much for sharing the information…i like the post a lot..i want to know what is the difference between the bookmarking and directory submissions?? which one is better to increase a site rank??

  12. I would like to add about commentluv plugin over here. Search for blogs with dofollow-commentluv plugin and add some useful comment to the discussion. This way, you can get more and more backlinks resulting in good SERP.
    Thanks for the tips.

  13. Thanks for sharing this valuable and very informative post. Using this off page to promote you site, you can easily get lots of quality backlinks and high tons of targeted traffic which can help increase your website visibility. Article marketing is quite tedious but the best of acquiring quality backlinks. So far I haven’t tried video marketing

  14. This is a great list. I think people underestimate article submissions and the ability to spin them. I really like the Volunteer Work idea. That one hadn’t occurred to me. Great job!

  15. What are your current thoughts on article and link directories? Especially after the Panda update. Everything I seem to be reading now is saying that article and link directories are a waste of time, and could actually end up hurting your site if it is a particularly spammy directory. What is your take?

  16. There is a rumor that Google will apply system similar to the one used in Yandex (Russian search engine) That system give links less value and “learns” from users feedback.

  17. Very good tips but I’m curious what’s your take on the panda update as well. Currently I really exploit the Video Uploading part, because besides traffic you also get backlinks. Combined with some web 2.0 promotion and bookmarking it does a great job, but with panda I heard as well that it gives less love to article and link directories. What you think about this ?

  18. Hi Saksham,

    I guess I have done those methods all, but not frequently..

    The one that I quit doing is using Yahoo Answers since my account was banned because I link to fiverr. It is not even my website, but flagged as spam. Weird policy, so I stop using it.

  19. Regarding linking exchange: This can be dangerous since while you’re making efforts and promoting your website, the other one may disappear from SERP. There is always an option to remove the other website’s link, but from my experience, it gives you negative points.

    Regarding social networking sites: If you’re not using Google+ yet, you should! Public Google+ posts are being index, so it serves your purpose.

  20. Off page optimization is as important as on page optimization. Creative use of above techniques to build high quality links will surely help you to have great visibility of your website in organic search result.

  21. Hello Saksham!
    very nice but if you write more technique’s of off page optimization example:
    1. .Edu & .Gov links
    2. Forum profile links
    3. press release
    etc. so will be very helpful. thanks.


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