5 Great iPhone Apps for Travel Bloggers

People use their iPhones for many things; playing games when they’re bored, checking their Facebook and email, however, given that there are so many bloggers out there it’s surprising that many haven’t discovered the joys of blogging from their iPhone yet.

Lending itself to being on the move, bloggers have a chance to report on the go, whenever and wherever they are just by using their iPhone. As well as being able to write, there are fantastic apps for setting up, designing and personalising your site.


An obvious app perhaps, but a travel blog needs to start somewhere! WordPress for iPhone allows you to create and edit your personal blog content both on and offline. Write posts, upload your travel photos and edit pages in seconds with this fast and easy to use app. WordPress is probably the most popular platform for blogging and best of all, the app is free to download. (iTunes link)


It’s taken a while but Google has finally (this week) release a Blogger iPhone app. If your blog is hosted on Blogger (self hosted or on a .blogspot domain) this will make it easier for you to blog on the move using just your iPhone. The app is available for iOS users, from 2.3 and up and is very similar in design and feel to the main blogger interface. An unofficial blogger app already exists (created by BlogPress), however this is the first official Blogger app from Google. (iTunes link)


With so many blogs out there, if you want yours to catch people’s eye and get read it’s important to make it as visually exciting and appealing to potential readers as possible. Colourpedia can help. This fab app gives you choices of colour schemes and even suggestions as to what works with what. With more than 200,000 colours to choose from, your blog is sure to stand out from the rest. (iTunes link)


Imagine if you could point your iPhone camera towards the view in front of you, wherever you are in the world and suddenly up popped an overlay of information about the local area; the name of the nearby museum, the history of a local landmark, reviews of the best cafes around and other amazingly useful bits of info. What do you mean you can? How? With Wikitude of course! One of the best apps around, Wikitude really does add another dimension to your travel and therefore your travel blogging. Find out what you’re seeing and whatís worth seeing all written by the people, for the people – not in developers speak. Travel addicts, this is your new best friend! (iTunes link)

Skyscanner, All Flights Everywhere

The Skyscanner app is a super- fast, powerful and free app that lets you search for your perfect flights. It compares millions of flights on over 600 airlines and allows you to find the cheapest dates and places to fly. According to iPhoneBloggers.co.uk, “if you only download one iPhone travel app, make sure it’s this one”. The best feature on this app is the ability to view flights by either month or year view. Let’s say you were thinking of flying to New York from the UK but were flexible on when you were willing to go. Using the Skyscanner website as an example, you can see that it’s possible to see flight prices across a whole month or year – making it easy to see when the cheapest flights are and which airports are the cheapest to fly from. (iTunes link)

From saving money on flights to jotting notes on the go, the iPhone is the ideal travel bloggers tool. Just be sure to download these apps before you hit the road, in order to avoid any data roaming charges.

21 thoughts on “5 Great iPhone Apps for Travel Bloggers”

  1. Thanks for sharing those awesome Applications for iPhone.I am using the WordPress application presently and it is helping me to keep in touch with my friends even i’m on any special trip.

  2. Hello there! I’ll tell ya. I’m super excited about trying out the WP app. Just don’t know how nice you can make a post on this app.

  3. Such apps definitely can give new ideas to any travel blogger. I wonder how Wikitude functions, I’m sure all travel bloggers have experimented with these awesome sounding apps.

  4. I went to the UK recently and every estate agent expected me to have an iphone re directions….and I don’t. Beginning to feel like a real old lady so think I’ll have to ask Santa this year for one….and then I can actually try out all this apps that everyone goes on about……

  5. Some fantastic iPhone apps for those bloggers who are always on the move. Myself personally I love to read travel blogs and to read the posts as they happen. It gives you more of a sense of whats going on rather than reading a post that was written back home on the laptop recapping something that happed ages ago.

  6. These are absolute essentials for a blogger that is on the move. And being able to move around and work from wherever I want is actually one of my favorite things about this job.

    Wikitude sounds like something from SF movies.

    What about some cool navigation apps? I’d really appreciate a comment on that one.

  7. There are various amazing apps for Iphone!
    Unfortunately I don’t own it 🙁

    Anyway I always use my Blackberry 8900 with its WordPress app!

  8. Thanks, just got an iphone and am still learning how to use it for apps. I didn’t know that WordPress had an app, so thank you!

  9. A great list, but when I’m stuck in the airport just give me a cocktail and the wordpress app and I’m a happy camper :]

  10. Unlike the more “commercial” applications & travel guides, “I know a little place” Paris shopping & sourcing i-phone app offers users an intimate insiders guide to more than 400 lovingly selected addresses from Parisian experts in 13 catagories. The design is attractive & easy to navigate, the content superior in both creativity, location & variety. Excellent reviews.

  11. Great list! Will definitely try some of the apps you’ve recommended in here. Another great app I will suggest for travel bloggers is Snap-A-Note. It can be downloaded in Apple Store for free. Allows you to instantly take a photo of the item that you need to remember and send the picture to you or your friend’s email. You can also include a written message when you email the photo for a better description of the task or item. Great to use if you would like to share vacation pictures to your friends via email. Looking forward to see more! 🙂

  12. love that wordpress app – it’s funny, I’ve actually been using it more than than web interface. works great.

  13. I have been using the wordpress app since it was released, and it has progressively gotten better. Anyone who wasn’t happy with it before might want to try it again – I have been using it very successfully to update my addiction/rehab blog.

    I’ll have to check out the other apps you mentioned – will be interesting to see if they’re nice and polished after a year of updates.

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