Choosing the right antivirus software for your PC

Internet has revolutionized the world and so our life style. We cannot deny its countless blessings, which has made our life easy and convenient with floods of information and services at just one click. But with the expansion and progress in this area, our computers are more expose to the evil of viruses, which are being propagated in numerous numbers every hour through the means of internet. These viruses are extremely injurious to the health of our computers. To fight back with viruses, programmers have come up with different antivirus programs and software to provide the shield against the menace of viruses and other manifold risks and threats.

It has become compulsory, for the safeguard of our computer, to buy good antivirus software, to provide it optimum defense. But which is the best antivirus program in the market for my computer, is the key and the perplexed subject for everyone. IT is the most fast growing industry and so are the mounting rate of malwares and destructive items in this sector. So, while choosing an antivirus program, your main focus should be on trimming down the maximum risk.

While choosing the best antivirus software for your PC, you should take into consideration some key aspects. There are numerous antivirus software companies in the market; BitDefender is one of the leading antivirus software companies, which provides an efficient and effective range of products.

Malware Recognition method

Detection process is the major aspect in evaluating different antivirus software. Bitdefender total security suite provides both the heuristic method and signature based detecting technique to combat different viruses, spyware, Trojans, bots and worms. Through the signature method, software scans the particular file or pattern which appear unsafe. While in the heuristic method, software observes the behavior of the file instead of particular code. Presence of both the technique makes Bitdefender total security a robust system.

Real-time Scanning

It is important to have software that successfully kills the effects of malware by real-time scanning, and this feature is available in Bitdefender total security. In this process, the software senses and removes the threatening files and simultaneously keeps away the danger of other viruses and Trojans.

Protective Layer of Firewall

With the excessive use of the internet, the possibility of transmitting viruses, worms and other threats from other networks has reached its peak. In order to monitor the traffic flow within the networks, the firewall acts as a protective shield for your PC. Bitdefender total security has a very progressive dual traffic controlling firewall, which provides the maximum protection against threats. You can easily pre-determine the known applications through firewall options for quick sorting of destructive items. Its special Wi-Fi mode disallows the access of your personal information through the Wi-Fi channel.

Easy Guide option

If you are looking for competent security software, then it should have the feature of help and support. These software programs are usually easy to run, but sometimes you need technical assistance for smooth operations. In case of problematic situations, software companies provide application of help guideline, which facilitates you in understanding and resolving the issues through content, tutorials and troubleshooting files. Bitdefender total security provides this facility and in addition to this, one can seek help through their phone, email or online conversation service.

Complementary Features

Additional features in security software programs are always attractive in luring more customers. Bitdefender total security includes the option of parental monitoring and time control. This feature gives a chance to parents to not only protect PCs but also have a check on their children. It can filter the internet search without showing the inappropriate content to the children. Apart from that, the gamer and laptop mode is also integrated in the total security suite. Anti-spam and anti-phishing protection services can entice customers too for opting for this security package. It avoids the spam emails and illegal acquisition of one’s personal information respectively.

Simple and Easy Procedures

Software with user-friendly operations is appealing for any customer to buy. Bitdefender total security has the quality to provide the desired level of interaction with well-organized layout and simple directional keys. A good security program should be easily compatible with your system, and this attribute is also present in Bitdefender total security.

So now it is quite clear that to choose a good antivirus software program, you need to focus on some important factors other than price range. Bitdefender total security has almost all the elements which are needed in any good security software.

Guest article written by: Derek Zhuang, who is the publisher of renowned websites, in California, Silicon Valley. This websites publish excellent antivirus software reviews and provide coupon codes for leading companies like Bitdefender Coupons, Norton Coupons, Kaspersky Coupons.

21 thoughts on “Choosing the right antivirus software for your PC”

  1. Hello Author,

    I am fully agree with you that we should choose antivirus with each and every benefits. But most of people like to have free antivirus , I don’t why they don’t understand the meaning for paid and updated softwares.

  2. Sure BitDefender is one of the best around when it comes to a internet security suite. When we talk about features, BitDefender has it all. Probably the drawback is that the Malware blocking and Removal efficiency is kind of low to average level according to PC Mag review. Other than that, it can be considered quite a good security suite around.

  3. Choosing a good antivirus is difficult task for me, because its all about computer safety. I would like to give a try on it. 🙂

  4. as i understand about resolving the issues through content, tutorials and troubleshooting files. Bitdefender total security provides this facility and in addition to this, one can seek help through their phone, email or online conversation service.

  5. Tried most of them but found the best antivirus software are mostly free,might be wrong but had no problems with free antivirus but plenty with paid for antivirus.

  6. Choosing the right anti virus software can be difficult. I use avast and it does the job for me, but I only work on a private network, so I don’t have to worry as much. But if i were to upgrade I would use BitDefender.

  7. Choosing a good antivirus is difficult task for me, because its all about computer safety. I would like to give a try on it.

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  8. I have been having troubles with this virus and all and I am not sure of the right kind of protection I should have for my computer. Reading your post does really help me a lot and gives me an idea.

  9. Thanks for the tip, I’ve never heard of it before. I’ve been using Microsoft Security Essentials and it works fine for me. In fact, I have found that it works better than other paid solutions.

  10. Using avast pro since last year and seem to be great too but many folks advise to use bitdefender. However our concern is just not to get hacked^^

  11. I’m using Bitdefender from last 10 months and it is the best one i have experienced so far. Bitdefender is the first antivirus that i purchased license for, but it is totally worth the money.

  12. I’ve been using Avira for quite sometime now and sometimes it frustrates me because some viruses are not detected even though i update the software frequently. On the other hand, BitDefender is really good. Aside from malware detection it also has an auto pilot feature wherein it makes security related decisions without the users input.

  13. I’ve been using NOD32 and I’m really not sure what to think about it. I have been giving BitDefender some thoughts and this post now makes it even harder for me to decide. You have a good point here.

  14. When it comes to choosing an antivirus, it is very very tough process as many finds different problems with what they got recommendation from some of their friends..

    So it is must for us to figure out what we need when it comes to security and av very much. There must be no excuse when it comes to security.



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