How to Download Your Favorite Magazines on iPad?

As we know that in today’s advanced world we can get any type of information quickly and we can also share it with our friends just by swiping our fingers on screen. People are saying that the trend of reading magazines will pass away and no one will ever want to read out-dated magazines anymore.

For example why do I need to read magazines when I can get all the news, my favorite articles and my slimming diet plan on my iPad screen? Why do I waste time on purchasing magazines and then carrying a 200-300 pages thick magazine everywhere with myself just to read an article? Or follow a dieting plan?

These things worked earlier but it’s not going to work anymore so what the famous magazines publishers did is that they starting getting the attention of readers in a different. They used the technology and a new era of magazines took birth … the iPad magazines.

It feels quite good when you are swiping the pages of magazines with your finger instead of lying in your bed holding a 300 page magazine and turning the pages using all fingers you have. But on an iPad you can feel the luxury of the words on the multi-touch screen and you will simply get lost in reading the magazine. Believe me, magazines look stunning on iPads and they offer you a lot of features to keep you engaged with the magazine. You can always enjoy sending and sharing your favorite articles and stories with your friends while you are travelling in a bus or while you are having hair cut. The rich context and the high-res galleries will always leave an impressive impact on you.

So today I am going tell you how to read and download magazines on your iPad. First of all you need to download Other Edition Newsstand. In case you don’t know … Other Edition is the leading publishers of iPad and Digital magazines and currently they are working with around 55 famous magazines titles. So in order to download the app for your iPad you need to click here!

Once you are done with the downloading and installation process you will need to create your account and subscribe to the monthly or yearly package. You can subscribe to a single issue or you can also subscribe to the entire catalogue for a very decent price. Once you are done with the sign up and subscription process you need to login with your id and password and start exploring the awesome features of this app.

On the home screen you can browse magazines and if you like a magazine, click on it and you will see a download button on the screen which will let you download the magazine in your library and you can read it later even if you don’t have an internet connection. You can manage you entire collection as you like it.  It seems like that the fame of iPad magazines because it lets you select and download any magazine you want and explore it through. They are attractive and offer a great experience of reading rich-context magazines.

Guest article written by: Taimur Shehzad is a Blogger and Internet Marketer and also the founder of Xyber Bites (A Techno-Entertainment Blog) which covers technology, entertainment and internet. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter or contact him directly.

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  3. This is one of the reasons you should invest in the tablet device rather than pay for just an exclusive e-reader (like the Kindle). Not only can you now download periodicals onto a tablet, it performs so many other functions an e-reader can’t…

  4. Tablet PCs are a great thing and most of the time they are doing things more easy. With a table PC you can store and access the data a lot faster and this feature that lets you to download the magazines directly seams to be great. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Well the best thing is that you can carry all your favorite magazines inside your tablet. No need to carry copies of printed magazines anymore.

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  7. I think tablet pcs are now becoming more popular and being lightweight can easily be carried out and you can enjoy the features of a laptop in the small tablets. These also seems to be far better than ereader.

  8. this is a great example of why people should go with a Tablet (Ipad) over a Kindle.
    The Ipad does almost everything that your home PC does and is also giving you the ability to download magazines and books (like the Kindle).

    Pretty soon there will just be a Kindle App that lets Ipad users use their Ipad exactly like a Kindle (and still have the ability to close the app and do normal computer functions as well)…

    I’ve been reading magazines on my Ipad for about a week now and I must say that it is definitely the way of the future.

  9. Thanks for the post — interesting perspective. Some people do like the tablet magazine reading experience, but it has a long way to go to faithfully reproduce print. Personally I’m not sold on digital magazines yet, and download times are a serious problem (among other things). The struggles of early tablet mag editions are pretty well documented, but I’d bet within a year publishers will have overcome a lot of the current drawbacks. The iPad and its tablet counterparts are indeed probably the early steps in a gradual but sweeping transformation of media, but print remains the bread and butter of most publishers (especially mags that are traditionally print titles). Digital may be growing, but print is still driving the bus. I’d be curious to look back on this whole trend in a year, or two, or five, to see how all of this plays out in the marketplace.

  10. I don’t own an iPad – but it is the potential to flick through glossy magazines that is most likely to persuade em to invest in the technology. It would be amazing to access all of the high-end colour magazines through a single interface. And I guess someone will develop a plug-in or ap that allows you to view them without the advertising pages.

  11. So what happens if the magazine is not one of the titles in the App store? then what? really disappointed in that I downloaded my magazine… it totally disappeared and.. I lost my reader subscription because I could only download it twice… still can’t figure it out… rotten iPad!


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