3 Accessories to Make Your iPad Even Better

Since the inception of the iPad, there has been an abundance of accessories available that claim to do this, that and the other to your iPad. Most failed gloriously. However, we’ve come up with a list of 3 of the best accessories on today’s market, all available from ExecSpot, which will make your iPad an even better device!

1. Adonit Writer Plus

The iPad is a remarkable product, that is in no question. But, for those of us who like to type something a little longer than a quick tweet or email, they are not ideal. Students, journalists, copywriters can’t write x-thousand words on a glass screen – a keyboard is needed.

The Adonit Writer Plus is that keyboard. Functional? Check. Easy-to-remove? Check. Long battery life? Check. Look good? Double check. It really does do everything you wanted, and then a little more. Featuring a quick release mechanism, you can add and remove the keyboard in seconds, or you can keep it attached semi-permanently and protect your iPad in a very sleek protective case that makes it easier to carry around.

2. Pong Anti-Radiation Case

The Pong Anti-Radiation Case is a unique product in today’s accessories market. Its primary function in development was to reduce radiation exposure from the iPad by redirecting radiation away from the user. It succeeded, and an iPad using the Pong case reduces radiation emitted by the WiFi antenna by up to an astonishing 72%!

This is only the start with Pong though. Compared to other leading cases, the Pong Case improves WiFi reception by up to 77%, over doubles WiFi range and increases download and upload speeds by up to 9 times. Incredible.

3. Adonit Jot

Styluses are nothing new. But the Adonit Jot is. Using Precision Disc technology, the Adonit Jot stylus offers unparalleled traction and control and is regularly compared to the feel of a luxury pen.

As well as its control, the Adonit Jot has a host of other handy features including a magnetic clip to attach to your iPad and a protective cap to protect the integrity of the pen.

14 thoughts on “3 Accessories to Make Your iPad Even Better”

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  5. Wow the Adonit accessories seem like awesome products for the Ipad? I have always struggled with how I can use the Ipad as a mobile, easy to use computer. The difficulty of typing and writing on the Ipad made it difficult for me to use in school so I just ended up using it only to read books. However, these two accessories definitely could help me make the Ipad into the type of device that I was looking for, a mobile, compact and easy to use computer.

    • The Adonit looks like it may be an alternative to selling the iPad to get the new Microsoft Surface don’t you think?

  6. I’m writer and you right Sreen Touch is not for us that is why I like your suggestion that is Adonit Writer Plus. I will buy it, when I buy the ipad for me.

    Best suggestion but I want to know more, Is there any device like Adonit Writer Plus that I can help me more.

  7. am a blog writer and i concur with the person above. writing by touching the screen is a difficult thing to do. now i have the solution to my problem.

  8. I like the Pong Anti-Radiation because of many purposes like, it helps to reduce the radiation exposure and Increases your Wi-Fi reception by up to 9X and your Wi-Fi range by up to 2X. Compare to iPad alone, it increases your Wi-Fi reception by up to 3X and your Wi-Fi range by up to 1.6X and the last is to protect the ipad.
    this is another great invention.

    thanks for sharing this article.

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  10. All are really great accessories especially Adonit Jot. I really like this stylus and really looking forward to trying this. This is really very helpful to calligrapher and artist who love to write and draw on iPad. Thanks for sharing excellent accessories.

  11. Yeah, here Klaus has given excellent accessories of iPad but other accessories are like iPad Dock. You can also use the iPad smart case and smart cover through which you can give the better look to the iPad.

  12. Hai Klaus

    wonderful article
    Pong Anti-Radiation Case is almost new thing for me. I’m going to try it for sure
    Thanks for this share


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