Happy birthday, iPhone – 5 years old! Time to celebrate…

Today, Apple’s iPhone turns 5. This day, in 2007, the original iPhone was released to the consumers.

Unfortunately Steve Jobs can’t be with us today to celebrate as he passed away October 5th 2011, so let’s remember him by watching the video of Steve Jobs presenting iPhone to the public for the very first time in January 2007:

Let’s celebrate the birthday of iPhone by showing photos of how the iPhone has changed the last 5 years, as well as what kind of competitors the iPhone was up against back in 2007.

iPhone: Edge, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5…?

The 1st and original iPhone, also known as iPhone 2G or iPhone Edge.
The next iPhone out was the iPhone 3G.
And after that came the faster iPhone 3GS.
Then came the iPhone 4 which is the design most people probably know these days
And of course there's also the speedier iPhone 4S.
Finally, could this be how the iPhone 5 will look later this year?

iPhone competitors back in 2007

These were some of the phones the iPhone was up against back in 2007:

Samsung X830
Samsung i600
Nokia N95
Nokia N76
Nokia 6110 Navigator
Nokia 3250 XpressMusic
Motorola Rizr Z8
LG Shine
LG Prada KE850
HTC Touch
HTC Touch Dual

Happy Birthday!

7 thoughts on “Happy birthday, iPhone – 5 years old! Time to celebrate…”

  1. I love my Iphone and Macbook Pro. I grew up in a family that idolized pc computers and was skeptical of Apple products. Then, I was offered a Macbook Pro in a trade and have been happy ever since. The next Apple product I purchased was the Iphone. Unfortunately, my Iphone is now glued to my hand and rules my life.

  2. Yeah, I like iPhone very much. It is very glad to us that we have such an invention of iPhone. The reason is that it has totally changed the life of the human beings. People can easily connect with the internet. People can also use the different application of the iPhone and get the entertainment from those applications.

  3. Happy birthday to iPhone from me too. Too bad Steve Jobs isn’t around anymore though, I think he would’ve made this one a special day.

  4. i love iphone very much. common guys lets sing happy birthday to iphone! lol. it’s a special day to them. may they continue with the good work.

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  6. I remember watching this video on youtube a couple of days after the first iPhone launch. I admired the way the presentation was made. iPhone not only changed the way we look at mobile phone, but also got the competitors working on better touch screen phones.

  7. Really iPhone has experienced people the real and latest technology. At the beginning, iPhone came as status symbol but gradually it became necessity especially for businessmen. iPhone has kept its vogue ever increasing in the mobile world. Happy Birthday iPhone. Thanks for great video.


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