Infographic highlighting the impact of gadget use on our environment

Have you ever stopped to think about the effect our gadget habits might be having on our environment – or energy bills? This infographic which is brought to you in partnership with moneysupermarket highlights that 76% of people over-charge their mobile phones, 78% over-charge their tablet computers and 77% of people over-charge hand-held games consoles.

This is a lot of energy being wasted every day. This infographic looks at how much damage over-charging your gadgets does to the environment, and also ways on how to dispose of your gadgets in an environmentally friendly way.

4 thoughts on “Infographic highlighting the impact of gadget use on our environment”

  1. Excellent post. Environment is suffering and we all are enjoying our gadgets without thinking of it. Lets hope this article awakes a few people

  2. It is quite surprising that the small things account for such a great impact on the environment. From my point of view, the world would be a nicer place to live, if we pay attention to these aspects.

  3. Overcharging batteries reduces their lifespan and increases household electricity bills.
    Thanks to this wonderful and very environmentally post, it is very helpful to all people that didn’t know the impact to the environment when the gadget is overcharging.

    Be a Environment Friendly

  4. Thanks for this environment friendly post. Great infographic

    I think that the arrival of cloud computing can significantly help the cyber world to go green !


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