Netflix could be killing the environment as researchers urge users to avoid streaming in HD on smartphones

As the pandemic has pushed many of us into our houses, forcing us to keep ourselves busy, there is no surprise that the popularity of Netflix has grown over the years. In April 2020, over 16 million new subscribers joined the streaming platform. The chart below shows Netflix’s revenue from 2011 to 2020 with a … Read more →

Are Kitchen Appliances Harming the Environment?

You may think that factories and oil spills are causing most of the current environmental damage, but your home may be a significant contributor. According to the Yale Environment Review, kitchen appliances use up to 18% of all energy consumed in the United States. In addition to sucking up energy (which doesn’t always come from … Read more →

Infographic highlighting the impact of gadget use on our environment

Have you ever stopped to think about the effect our gadget habits might be having on our environment – or energy bills? This infographic which is brought to you in partnership with moneysupermarket highlights that 76% of people over-charge their mobile phones, 78% over-charge their tablet computers and 77% of people over-charge hand-held games consoles. … Read more →