Coolest Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Work Easy

Oh God! Help Me! Are you looking to grade up your kitchen score? Are you consuming too much time in the kitchen? Now, it’s time to update and decorate your kitchen as your phone. Rebuild the trash with innovative gadgets. They are a dashing gift for foodies or chefs on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or … Read more →

Are Kitchen Appliances Harming the Environment?

You may think that factories and oil spills are causing most of the current environmental damage, but your home may be a significant contributor. According to the Yale Environment Review, kitchen appliances use up to 18% of all energy consumed in the United States. In addition to sucking up energy (which doesn’t always come from … Read more →

5 Ways Technology is Transforming Our Kitchens

The kitchen of the future doesn’t yet include robots making dinner for us, but it does include technologies our parents didn’t have at their disposal, and have ventured far beyond energy efficient dishwashers and refrigerators. Here are five ways technology is transforming our kitchens today and in the near future. Information Appliances Information appliances are … Read more →