Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets your Mum Will Love on her Birthday

bread-machineFor your Mums birthday this year why not push the boat out and buy her something she can utilize in the kitchen. Ultimately this will benefit the whole family with the treats she’ll whip up, so dig deep and show her how much you appreciate all she does.


These needn’t be too expensive and are available from a variety of brands, in lots of colours (so you can make her smile even more by matching the appliance to the kitchen). Blenders can be hand held or free standing and can be used for soups, sauces, smoothies or even cakes and chopping if you splurge on more of a food processor than blender. When buying items like these do compare the power as the lower wattage appliances are for very limited use, so if your mum fancies herself as a bit of a Nigella then go for something with a higher wattage (which doesn’t mean spending more necessarily). Usually the staff in [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]electrical stores[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]electrical stores[/tp] are very helpful with information on power and suitability so don’t be afraid to ask.

Bread Machine

There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of fresh bread. A lot of models of makers have the option to set a timer for when you want your bread to be ready. Some also offer different sizes and density’s of loaves so she can impress her friends with her made to order baking offerings. Most of these cool baking buddies offer the option for specific dietary requirements such as, gluten free, so no one is left out from trying the creations that some out of this magical gadget.

Set of Chefs Knives

These are an essential whether your mum is a gourmet cook or only dabbles with traditional dinners. These will last her years and always remind her of you so are a brilliant investment. Using the right knife for a specific culinary task is proven to be simpler and also achieve more professional results. Maybe pair these with a recipe book to encourage her to branch out and experiment for family meals in future.

Kitchen Aid

This monster mixer is a dream for the wannabe Mary Berry of the family whilst also earning major brownie points. Known for their durability, classic retro design and professional results this really is a treat and although a little pricey, if you have siblings why not join forces. Available in excess of thirty different colours this will definitely take pride of place on the worktop and be the main topic of conversation for the following month.  Expect cakes and extravagant bakes a plenty.

Blow Torch

If you’re on a budget then this may be the gift for you. Useful, impressive and very fun to use a blowtorch is the perfect culinary present. Refillable with gas cylinders and with an adjustable flame, to ensure no-one gets hurt these will work wonders for crème brulee, roasting marshmallows, browning meringue or for the cheese on top of a lasagna or fish pie. Once she’s got the hang of it she’ll be addicted and you’ll be in her good books. Win win!

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  1. Hello Emily,

    As I was reading your blog post, I noticed that you never mentioned the prices of these kitchen gadgets. Though you have clearly stated its features, it still leaves a question as to how much these gadgets cost individually or how much they will cost if it’s by package deals.

  2. Thanks for the mum loves cooking and was just wondering what to give her on her birthday. Thanks for the ideas and thanks for sharing.

  3. Great list of suggestions!
    Actually I’d like to gift a washing machine to my mom on b’day. And I’d like to add one from the above list too.


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