Top 5 iOS Apps For Reading Comic Books

Several years ago, if you wanted to read comics, you had to buy books. But paper books are expensive (you can’t buy too many at the same time) and heavy (you can’t take many with you), and besides, we shouldn’t forget about our ecology, too – for each paper book trees are being cut. Now everything has become much easier and greener – you can read any comic book right from your Apple iPhone or iPad, so you can have as many books with you as you like, plus no tree will be harmed.

There are many good iOS apps for reading comic books, but there are several I like most. They’re easy to use and they offer a huge number of comics – you’ll no doubt find there everything you need.

1) Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics have a large fan base and a diverse and in-depth collection of books can be found in this dedicated app with everything from single issues to bundles are stocked and priced cheaply. Downloading is super-fast as is the loading time of the comics. A really great app for Dark Horse enthusiasts.

2) IDW Comics

Away from the big names in comic books there are also a host of pretty great independent books; IDW has a vast library of them to indulge in. Reading and loading is excellent and there is also a host of licensed products from the likes of Star Trek and Transformers.

3) iVerse Comics

The iVerse app is almost identical to the IDW app and it was hard to decide which order to put them in the list. This app has over a 1,000 comics from all of the leading names, all optimized for mobile reading. The reading experience is pretty fantastic as well, especially on the cool screen of the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]iPhone 4S.[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]iPhone 4S.[/tp]
4)  Comic Zeal

Comic Zeal will offer comic books nothing different in terms of reading experience, what it will offer though is the chance to upload PDF’s and comics directly from Dropbox and through iTunes. This can provide you with a vast array of comics from numerous different sources.

5) Stanza

Stanza will be better known to some as a free e-book reading app, but it is also an easy-to-use and crisply displayed comic book reader. Stanza offers excellent storage for comic books and it is a great app for anyone that doesn’t read comics on a regular basis.

Guest article written by: Amelia Hunter is from She’s a big fan of Samsung’s and Apple’s phones and can’t wait to find out which phone is cooler – the Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5.

11 thoughts on “Top 5 iOS Apps For Reading Comic Books”

  1. They have developed an app for everything. I grew up reading comic books and will definitely have to check some of these out on my Iphone. Do you think that there has been an comic book comeback with all of the comic book based movies coming out?

  2. iOS has developed so many applications for different purposes. Amelia has given interesting apps are for reading the comics. Among all the apps I like Stanza app for reading the comic book. The reason for it is that it is very easy to use.

  3. Definitely, there is a big hand of applications behind making ios intensely popular. And as Alex said several applications have been developed for serving different purposes. if i tell that ios apps can run both professional and personal life then it woud not be wrong to say. There are so many applications ranging from busiess to entertaining to comic one and the users are availing these applications and increase the selling graph of iOs enabled devices like iphone, ipad, etc…

  4. I know a few people who will really enjoy these apps, both kids and adults. I know a lot of comic fans so these will come in handy for them.

  5. Great article. I am not a hardcore comic book reader, but i am sure that these applications will be like cookies for comic fans.

  6. Great! This is absolutely fantastic – Especially the user interface that a couple of these applications provide to the user – this makes reading comic books (especially on the iPad) that much more fun to read.

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  8. This brilliant, I love comics and I love my iPhone. I’ll still get the real thing as I love comics and I work in Print so it’s important to me to have the real thing and keep us printers in business! Still cool though.


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