Mobile, fixed landline – or both?

Communication is important, we all know that. Here in 2012 (and recent years as well), communication is no longer just phone calls or physical meet-ups, but texts and e-mails as well. Especially texting just seems to be getting bigger and bigger and now that Facebook has entered the picture these past few years, more people just send Facebook messages instead of text m
essages or e-mail.

Your mobile device will allow you to communicate via voice over phone calls, text via text messages, text via e-mail and text via Facebook. Your old landline phone will only offer you voice phone calls – unless you connect a Fax machine to your landline, but let’s be honest, sending faxes is just a bit too old-school these days.

At this time, 32% of all American homes are now cellphone-only households, meaning they don’t even have an active landline any more. Despite that, it seems fixed mobile convergence is on the rise, which means you can connect your mobile phone and your landline together, allowing you to take your phone call where ever you are. If you’re home, take the phone call on your fixed landline, which might offer you superior call quality compared to a wireless signal. If you’re out, the phone call will transfer from your landline to your mobile.

Not to mention the whole radiation issue. Radio signals from a cellphone does have an impact on your cells, so keep it to your ear for hours a day, who knows what’s going to happen with your brain in 30-50 years. A landline on the other hand, has no such radiation. Obviously the radiation is not an issue for those who use handsfree, but my bet is that most people do not.

So even though more and more people are canceling their fixed landlines, landlines still account for 47% of AT&T’s revenue and 37% of Verizon’s sales, so apparently there are still people using them – and some even more and more.

Don’t cancel your landline just yet – you might still need it, if your provider is able to offer you fixed mobile convergence.

2 thoughts on “Mobile, fixed landline – or both?”

  1. Here most people have landline only for internet. Rates are actually a lot lower when calling from landline to landline, so think about the advantages and disadvantages and make a correct decision if it is worth it or not.

  2. Even though each and every house person have a mobile phone, its very important to have a land line also. I believe so because sometimes contact has to be made to one person of a family but that person may not be reachable on phone, if there is landline at his home, information can be passed. Having a 24 hour working communication medium is a must.


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