How to Set Up a Business Phone System

There is a wide range of business phone systems available in the market. As it is, the choice of a particular method depends on the customer’s organizational preferences. Affordability also is a significant point. Business telephone systems in Philadelphia, for instance, are generally viable. To set up a business phone system, it is essential to … Read more →

Does Your Phone Need Repair? Here Are the 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Smartphones

In this era of technology, smartphones are like a second skin to many. You use your phone to communicate, store memories, do business and countless other functions each day. Unfortunately, all these amazing benefits brought by your smartphone could cease to be if your beloved device gets spoilt. Each year, millions of phones get damaged, … Read more →

Revealing the Best Functions of PBX Software

For many small businesses that are technologically savvy simply take up their telecommunication answer more than just the usual lines of telephone with a whole lot of private branch exchange. Such systems are known as the PBXs offer users with advanced telecommunication functions ranging from the simple call transfer as well as music on hold … Read more →

Time To Change To A Cordless Phone

Gone are the days when cordless phones were available at fancy restaurants only, to make phone calls from the table. Those first types of cordless phones were connected to a radio transmitter that could then connect the caller to an operator. This was a cutting-edge technology back in 1962, when the World’s Fair took place … Read more →

Mobile, fixed landline – or both?

Communication is important, we all know that. Here in 2012 (and recent years as well), communication is no longer just phone calls or physical meet-ups, but texts and e-mails as well. Especially texting just seems to be getting bigger and bigger and now that Facebook has entered the picture these past few years, more people … Read more →

Ringback Tones – What You Need To Know About Them

Many people who have heard the words “ringback tones” for the first time have agreed that they have no idea what it is exactly.  As a matter of fact, these days, there are still several individuals in the United States who do not know what these ringback tones are.  They just knew that it had … Read more →